20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:19
For our and your freedom!

Skis Do Not Slide Well!


What is Lukashenka concerned about?

Salidarnasts believes that the story about the domestic ski wax, with which the skis go worse than without it, might be called the TV piece of the week.

The periodical has written about it and received a warm response from the reader:

“Dear editors!

I don’t know where Mr. Maksim Chorny gets his knowledge from, but he probably just doesn’t keep up with rapid and controlled progress (television is ahead of him – ahead of the author, not of the progress, of course). So his fabrications are obviously outdated, and therefore slanderous in nature!

It happened (not on purpose, of course) that I was flicking TV channels and came across the program At Lukashenka's Control (on BT1). What is he concerned with? What global problems solves? – I thought. In the announcement of the program they, no kidding, said this: the guarantor controls the quality of ski wax!

Honestly, at first I decided that this was a blatant provocation aimed at undermining the greatness of the person, or a humorous program... but I couldn't stop watching.

The problem is really epic: the skis do not go!

But I hasten to reassure: now everything is fine: the plant of mountain wax took Russian ski waxes, “decomposed them into molecules,” added something – and now the ski can slide!

For now, at the level of children's district competitions, but the day when they will line up for it is not far...

In short, your Chorny (translated as Black from Russian – ed.) just lags behind life and therefore draws everything in the appropriate (sorry for the quibble) color. There is no time to retell, let him look at the truth and begin to see it clearly.

Personally, I took a look, and now a stupid poem is spinning in my head the second day in a row:

“I stand on the asphalt having my skis on.

Either the skis do not slide, or I am not all there... ”


Bahdan Khmelnoy.”