23 July 2019, Tuesday, 0:49
We are in the same boat

IC Head: We Do Not Have Data That There Was Some Kind Of Conflict In Staubtsy School


The schoolboy who has attacked classmates and a teacher is now passing psychological and psychiatric examination in Navinki.

The head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, Ivan Naskevich, said that answering questions to tut.by.

– Has the investigation established why the teenager attacked the teacher and schoolchildren? What really happened at the school in Staubtsy?

– We still cannot determine until the end the motivation of his actions, I said that we had managed to open his devices, and the amount of information that we got from there allows us to work out a direction in which to continue to talk with him. Approximately, it is already clear what motivated them. But in any case, we are now counting on the help of forensic physicians and psychiatrists.

– Is he in Navinki now?

– Yes, he has been sent for a comprehensive forensic psychological and psychiatric examination, he will be there for quite a long time – a month and a half, probably. Forensic psychiatrists will communicate with him there. We gave them all the information we have, we hope that they will help us to disclose the motive of his actions.

– Was there some kind of conflict at school?

– We do not have objective data to say that there was some kind of conflict. If something was there, it was very hidden and so far we have not revealed it. I cannot guarantee that there was no conflict, but so far we don’t know about it.

– But do you understand what made him tick?

– We think so, let's say. But you must share my caution, any rash word can have consequences. Before the end of the investigation, we will surely publicize all that we know, all that have been revealed. The task is not only to understand what happened and why it happened, but also to anticipate such things so that they will not be repeated in the future.

– They say that a quiet one-aloner is almost impossible to identify.

– I fully agree with you, but the easiest way is to say that nothing can be done. And we have to do something, agree with me.