26 June 2019, Wednesday, 14:03
We are in the same boat

Archbishop Tadevush Kandrusievich Left Bed After Operation


The head of the Catholic Church of Belarus has thanked for the prayers and solidarity.

In the morning of March 13, the head of the Catholic Church of Belarus, Tadevush Kandrusievich, had an operation done, it went without complications, catholic.by writes.

By evening, the hierarch returned to consciousness after anesthesia, but at that he felt severe pain. The next day after the surgery, he reported the following:

“Today, on the recommendation of the doctors, I left the bed and walked around the ward.

The injury still hurts, but most importantly, on the second day after the operation, I can walk. Thank you for your prayers and solidarity support!”

It is not yet known how long the rehabilitation period will last, but now we can hope that the operation has been successful and that the health of the 73-year-old Archbishop Tadevush Kandrusievich will improve.