26 June 2019, Wednesday, 14:03
We are in the same boat

Poet Slavamir Adamovich Faces Up To 4 Years In Jail, He Is Under House Arrest


The trial will take place on March 22 in Maryina Horka.

A criminal case was started with respect to the radical poet Slavamir Adamovich for “theft committed with penetration into a dwelling”, writes nn.by.

The case was opened in December 2018, recently he has been under house arrest.

In a conversation with a reporter, Adamovich did not reveal the details of the case, but explained that it was about a sum of approximately BYN 300. An individual filed a lawsuit for the recovery of this sum.

Adamovich believes the persecution is connected with his social activism.

The trial will take place on March 22 in Maryina Horka. Adamovich is facing correctional labor for up to two years, either arrest or restriction of liberty for up to four years, or imprisonment for the same term.


Slavamir Adamovich was one of the founders of the Tutejszyja Young Writers Society, and gained popularity in the 1990s.

In 1995 he wrote the poem “Kill the President!”, for which he was arrested. He held a no-water hunger strike in the KGB prison. After 10 months, he was released on recognizance. The punishment to which the court sentenced Slavamir Adamovich was, in fact, limited to the period he had already served in prison.

In 1997, at one of the opposition rallies, he publicly sewed up his mouth as a protest against the pressure of the authorities on independent media and independent journalists.

In the early 2000s he emigrated to Norway, but in 2009 he returned to Belarus and settled in Maryina Horka.