15 July 2019, Monday, 22:05
We are in the same boat

Babich: Ambassador Is No Roly-Poly, But Highest Representative Of State


Russia’s Ambassador for Belarus has commented on the claims of the Belarusian MFA.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Belarus Mikhail Babich has said the following during the press-conference, dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the assession by the Russian Federation of the Republic of the Crimea, Interfax reports.

“A question arises – where does all this hysteria come from, why? And you know, one of the key moments here is that someone somewhere, I will not tell the names yet, decided that an ambassador is some kind of a roly-poly: he goes to receptions, says beautiful words, sends some note somewhere, meets-sees off someone,” Mikhail Babich said at the press-conference today in Minsk.

According to him, “these people either have forgotten, or, due to their too high professionalism, have never known, that under the international law and national legislations, an ambassador is the highest official representative of his state.”

Herein, Mikhail Babich underlined, a good ambassador should be not only a diplomat, but a politician, an economist, an analyst, and the history knows many example of ambassadors being military men as well. “If your country needs an ambassador to become an accountant for a while, especially when it’s a good accountant or an accountant of high promise, this guarantees your country that it will not be cheated, overcharged, but, on the contrary, the economic relations with the partner will be transparent, understandable not only for the officials, but for all the citizens of the states-participants in these economic relations,” the Russian diplomat continued.

In this regard, Mikhail Babich added, the assessment of the Belarusian MFA “is a very high evaluation for us, as it confirms we have done a good job related to accounting.”

As reported earlier, on March 15, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus recommended the Russian Ambassador to Minsk, Mikhail Babich, to penetrate into the specifics of the host country, to show respect, and not mentoring.

“There is not always enough time to read all the interviews of Mikhail Babich. Fortunately, they are all similar, and the mentor line of reasoning does not change much,” said the statement of the head of the department of information and digital diplomacy, Foreign Ministry spokesman Anatol Hlaz.

“In my opinion, in the short time he worked in Belarus, he simply has not understood the difference between the federal district and the independent state. I think that in the near future our partners will be given detailed answers to the statements of the ambassador,” said Anatol Hlaz.

In turn, Mikhail Babich said later that he was calm about such criticizing. “We, in contrast to these commentators, have time to read, study, receive, analyze all the information that comes and is available in the information space,” said M. Babich during his working trip to the Vitsebsk region. “Apparently, this (the comment by head of the information and digital diplomacy department, spokesman for the Belarusian Foreign Ministry A. Hlaz’s - edit.) is the“ top ”of the diplomatic school that this commentator spoke of. Therefore, there is nothing surprising for us with regard to the form,” he noted.

However, the ambassador expressed confidence that “this foam will come down.” “The most important thing is for us to objectively evaluate the arguments, both of the Russian side and the Belarusian side, to work out a mutually acceptable solution for the benefit of our peoples,” added Mr Babich. “As for everything else - this blabbering - it happens sometimes. We are very calm about it,” he said.

Later on Friday, on the TV channel "Russia 24" (VGTRK) M. Babich was asked if he contacted the Lukashenka administration in connection with the current situation with the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

“No, there is no need for that. We understand what causes it, we understand that this ordinary clerk formulated a position that we understand and know well. And there is no point in discussing anything further, especially since the Russian MFA has also declared its position,” the Russian ambassador noted.