20 July 2019, Saturday, 13:27
We are in the same boat

Valery Karbalevich: Babich Is Only the Herald of the New Reality

Belarus may be deprived of all subsidies after a while.

The political scientist spoke about an unusual behavior of the Russian ambassador and the new tactics of Russia.

Such Babich's strategy is very unusual," Valery Karbalevich writes on his blog on Radio Svaboda. - No ambassadors of Western countries behaved like that, even during the most acute period of relations between official Minsk and the EU countries and the United States. He dares to call Lukashenka's reasoning "strange", "ridiculous", or an "oddity". Previously, Babich taught how to carry our "Belarusization". March 18, he has a press conference dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the Crimea's accession to Russia. In any other country, such a step of the Russian ambassador would cause a scandal.

That is, Ambassador Babich behaves like Belarus is a satellite country. In full compliance with the political weight of Russia in the alliance with Belarus. It shows that the tail will no longer control the dog. In Soviet times, the USSR ambassadors to the socialist countries or "countries of socialist orientation" played the role of a parallel government. But it was happening behind the scenes. And Babich tries to play the same role in public. As Anatoly Glaz, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry, says "he just failed with the difference between the federal district and an independent state". Babich shows the real status of Belarus in the Belarusian-Russian Union. And it has become , certain shock to the leadership of Belarus, as well as to society. The new ambassador of Russia plays the role of illusion buster.

There is another important factor in Babich's activity that is ignored. He tries to address the part of the Belarusian society that is loyal to Russia, supports the position of the Russian Federation in the conflict with the West and Ukraine through the official Minsk, seeks to consolidate supporters of the "Russian world" in Belarus. The appearance of Russian information resources in the Belarusian regions, Lukashenka was talking about with concern during the "Big Talk", is one of signs of this phenomenon.

There's one more thing. According to Babich's interview, Moscow ties gas price, and the allocation of Russian loans, as well as the unimpeded access of Belarusian goods to the Russian market, to the creation of the union state. In other words, Belarus may be deprived of all subsidies after a while if it does not want to unite with Russia. Apparently, the moment of truth is approaching. And Babich is only the herald of the new reality".