25 April 2019, Thursday, 5:53
For our and your freedom!

Basta: Don't Be Fooled By Dictator's Lies And Don't Believe Babich

Only the real Belarusian government will be able to restore the independence of the country.

Bynet discusses another conflict made out of thin air. This time, between Lukashenka’s Foreign Ministry and Russian Ambassador Babich. It got to the point that official propagandists are boycotting the last press conference scheduled for March 18 (but this is not for sure). In contrast to the part of the independent media, which again launched the familiar song about the “patriot Lukashenka”, telegram channel Basta writes.

Meanwhile, the fact that the conflict is directed, is visible even to the naked eye. The world perceives the Belarusian Foreign Ministry as the MTZ sales department, which, in essence, it is. And its employees' statements are treated with the relevant attitude. If it were not for the heightened attention of the independent media, no one would have paid attention to the statement of one of them, of Anatol Hlaz, RIA Novosti. By the way, the interview itself has not yet been published, it is not clear how the extract from it appeared on the MFA website.

The words of the petty clerk will not affect the relationship between the Kremlin and its obedient vassal. The noise raised around them is necessary for the authorities to achieve several goals:

1. The dictator's special services are aware of his real rating and the growing number of supporters of independence. Therefore, on the eve of the “elections,” fateful for Belarus, Lukashenka’s image as a patriot is being created intensely.

2. Russia, indeed, has no money to support the Belarusian regime. Lukashenka is aware of this and is trying to reduce his image losses from circumcision of funding from the Kremlin.

3. The main buyer of the “conflict” is not the Belarusian society, but the West. The dictator lays account with the naivety and generosity of Europeans and Americans. And, most importantly, with their loans.

The number of Belarusian-speaking schools, the attitude to the national university, the ban on symbols speaks eloquently about Lukashenka’s “patriotism.” For 25 years the dictator has been destroying the foundations of our statehood. He is blamed for the fact that Moscow perceives Belarus as a “federal district.” After that, only a madman can call Hlaz’s idle talk (an idle talk, because he did not bother to deny a single figure given by Babich) “the advocacy of sovereignty.”

Do not let the dictator and his officials fool you. Do not believe Lukashenka. Do not believe Babich. Only a real Belarusian government will be able to restore the independence of the country and win respect from its neighbors.