19 July 2019, Friday, 16:24
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Lukashenka And Kachanava Discussed Preparations For “Elections”


The dictator has ordered to start preparation for the presidential and parliamentary “elections.”

The ruler of Belarus, Aliaksandr Lukashenka, has received the head of his administration, Natallia Kachanava, with a report today, BelTA informs.

The dictator, among other things, mentioned the future electoral campaigns, stressing that the next two years should not plunge the country into some kind of upheaval, and the “elections” themselves, both of them, should become a celebration.

“But we need to prepare for this. The CEC has very few people. Therefore, it will fall on the shoulders of authorities, and here, on the top, – on the administration of the “president.” The government’s attention cannot be distracted on these issues. Let them deal with the economy. This is the main thing. We shouldn’t make a secret of it, we should prepare for the “elections” both presidential and parliamentary ones,” – Lukashenka said.

As Kachanava told reporters after the meeting, there is no emergency situation (in the preparation of presidential and parliamentary “elections” – note of Charter97.org), and in principle there is no need to make distinction between electoral years and others.

“We must work so that these years do not differ from each other. Promises must always be fulfilled, be it an electoral or an ordinary year. If the head made a promise, it must be fulfilled,” – Kachanava stated.

As Charter97.org previously reported, Lukashenka’s Belaya Rus adopted a plan for preparing and participating in the upcoming “election campaigns”.