19 July 2019, Friday, 16:20
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Ivonka Survilla: Belarusian Youth Is Gold That We Should Value

The BPR Rada Chairman appealed to the Belarusians of Bialystok.

The Chairman of the BPR Rada, Ivonka Survilla, addressed the Belarusians of Bialystok on the occasion of Freedom Day, Radio Racyja reports:

– My dear fellow Belarusians in Bialystok!

On this first Freedom Day of the second century of existence of our Republic, I want to share my delight with you: in spite of all the mockery, the physical destruction of the best sons and daughters of our people, the propaganda that continues to this day; despite the zeal of the enemies, trying to erase our land from the earth, we survived! Belarus lives!

The second century of our modern state began, unfortunately, with an intensified propaganda attack against it. But in the last quarter of the century, Belarusians have learned to think in other categories and know the difference between freedom and slavery. Many Belarusians, especially from the younger generation, saw with their own eyes how even small states without natural wealth, but with a talented and hardworking society that works together for the welfare of their people, lived prosperously.

There is no need to prove to the Belarusian youth that the community of successful, educated and free citizens is the most important resource of the country. My meetings with young Belarusians fill my heart with joy: this is gold, which we should value.

So I appeal first of all to you, my dear young friends! After all, you are able to save our land from new bondage. You understand the dignity of a free man.

You know who you are! I congratulate all of you, my dear compatriots, personally and on behalf of the Council of the Belarusian People's Republic, with a new, second century from the proclamation of the independence of Belarus, and I wish the struggle for freedom to be fruitful and victorious! Long live Belarus!