19 July 2019, Friday, 16:19
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Belarusian Democrats To Prepare New Constitution

The new constitution will be based on the 1994 Constitution.

On March 21, an organizational meeting of the public constitutional commission was held in Minsk. It is going to start working on a new constitution. The commission consists of about thirty people - former members of parliament (deputies of the Supreme Council of Belarus of the 12th and 13th convocations), judges of the first composition of the Constitutional Court, party leaders, and experts, reports Radio Svaboda.

The new Constitution will be based on the Constitution of 1994 without changes made at the 1996 referendum.

Mechyslau Hryb, the former chairman of the Supreme Council who signed the 1994 Constitution, was offered to head the constitutional commission. He will be assisted by the judge of the first composition of the Constitutional Court Mikhail Pastukhou and Anatol Liabedzka, chairman of the public organization “European Dialogue”, former chairman of the United Civil Party.

“We will offer the society a modern and high-quality Constitution, which will work in the interests of the entire society, and not for the sake of the power of one person,” said Valer Fadzeyeu, the former deputy chairman of the Constitutional Court of the first composition, and now a member of the constitutional commission.