19 July 2019, Friday, 16:20
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Kurapaty: Who Is Ruining National Memory?

Who overturned 14 crosses in Kurapaty, following whose order?

Kurapaty, where the activists found fourteen fallen crosses near the Golgotha yesterday. Who does it and why? Do the vandals fulfill the order of Lukashenka, who, during the big talk, raised the question of who allowed the crosses to be installed at the place of the memory of the shot? BelSAT asked the questions to politician Pavel Seviarynets, who since last summer, together with other activists, keeps watch at the restaurant “Let’s Go Eat”.

Pavel Seviarynets, co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

- Impunity breeds such vandalism. Those who overturn crosses or break the Clinton's bench in Kurapaty feel unpunished, usually come at night and arrange these satanic actions. 14 crosses, which we counted only yesterday, apparently, were knocked down on Tuesday night, there are traces of drops on fresh soil, and oddly enough, the police give zero reaction. It seems to me that this is the reason why unknown vandals feel such impunity.

Most likely, they are supporters of the so-called “Russian world”, worse - if they are special services, and even worse, if they are tactics: they might try to overturn the crosses now, and it will be legally prohibited to re-install them. The Leskhoz, the Minsk City Executive Committee, the Minsk Regional Executive Committee not only ensure that new crosses are not installed, but also fine people for installing new crosses. We know the story of Dashkevich’s crosses, we know the story of the Lithuanian cross, which the Lithuanians, together with the Belarusians, tried to place in Kurapaty. And unfortunately, this meets stubborn copunterstand, or even hostile actions of the state structures...”