19 July 2019, Friday, 16:13
We are in the same boat

Theater Of Absurd: Public Utility Workers Arrived To Remove White-Red-White Flag With Construction Crane

Vitaut Siuchyk hung out the flag in the window of his Minsk apartment.

Belsat and Radio Racyja journalist, Vitaut Siuchyk, hung out a white-red-white flag in his window opposite Victory Square. He hung for three hours before a crane drove up to the house, the people in it were trying to remove the flag or cut down the pole. Vitaut Siuchyk broadcast live what was going on on Facebook, tut.by writes.

The flag hung there for about three hours, after that, unknown persons started to knock on the door, and a crane drove up the house.

According to Siuchyk, he is now at home on sick leave after surgery on his leg and it is difficult for him to move around the apartment. He said that the people below did not introduce themselves, but only shouted: “Take away the flag! It is not a state one! ”

When the people on the crane got up to his window with a saw, he removed the flag.

– They are still under my house. I’m waiting for them to drive away then I will hang it out again, – the journalist said at 15.40.