19 July 2019, Friday, 16:18
We are in the same boat

Media: Liavon Volski’s Wife Detained In Minsk


Four Belarusian musicians have been detained in the center of the capital.

Four Belarusian musicians – Liavon Volski, Ihar Varashkevich, Zmitser Vaitsiushkevich and Pavel Arakelian – planned to play a “musical jam” in the center of Minsk, in Kamsamolskaya Street, in honor of Freedom Day, but were detained.

The concert was scheduled for 6.30 p.m. Even before the event, the head of the police department approached the musicians and warned that if they started to play, they would consider it a mass event, tut.by reports.

– I warn you, if you start to play, you will violate article 10 of the law on mass events and we will draw a protocol against you, –the police officer said, calling Liavon Volski the organizer of the “mass event.”

While the musicians were deciding what to do, a minibus with police officers arrived. The deputy head of the Tsentralny District Department of Internal Affairs approached the musicians and asked to go with him for check of the identity. According to eyewitnesses, besides the four musicians, Volski’s wife was also detained.

A few dozen people stayed near the site of the planned concert.

Those who stayed there sang the song “Try Charapahi” (“Three Turtles”) and other NRM songs. The police officer of the Tsentralny District Police Department Dzmitry Shantyr filmed them on camera.

A police officer with a megaphone approached the people and announced that the event was prohibited and that force and special means could be used against those present.

– Do not force police officers to use force, – he said.

At 19.05 the intersection of the Internatsuyanalnaya and Kamsamolskaya streets was blocked by prisoner vans. By 19.20, all those present had left, only journalists and police officers in plain clothes remained on Kamsamolskaya Street.

We remind, on March 23, the Freedom Day was celebrated in Hrodna – there was a festive concert; on March 24 it was celebrated in Minsk.

At the same time, an unauthorized procession took place in the center of the city: politicians and activists gathered to walk from Kastrychnitskaya Square to the house on Valadarski Street, 9, where the independence of the BPR was proclaimed on March 25, 1918.