17 October 2019, Thursday, 9:36
We are in the same boat

The Extraordinary Appointee

The Extraordinary Appointee

Suddenly a wave of anger ran down the country.

Everyone is outraged to the extreme - both the power and those who are against its clumsy dictatorship. However, the representatives of the yard and the garden are particularly angry with things happening: how dares he! And the person to blame for the storm in a teacup is Babich. He looks around and asks like a lamb: what is wrong with it?

Really, what's the reason for a sudden outburst of righteous anger? What did the Russian ambassador say to the post-Soviet space? What was unexpected and unknown?

Nothing. This scandalous speech was only the echo of a well-known Brest ultimatum, delivered by Dmitry Medvedev last December. He is a prime minister. Therefore, he is not capable of saying everything he wants. The new Russian ambassador, given his career path and special mission, does not intend to go easy on the locals. First, they should have thought over the agreement. They were well aware his intentions and specific instructions. But after a short delay, somehow they tempered justice with mercy and began to argue that a security officer was the right choice for the obsessively sporting power. Together with the court horses he will grace the Minsk ski track. But there, after the finish bath taking, it will be possible to agree upon everything.

However, the most peculiar thing in the scandalous the conference of the Russian ambassador, who celebrated the fifth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, was the response of an official of the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His uncompromising statement should have simply defeated the luckless diplomat of the neighboring country. "He simply did not recognize the difference between a federal district and an independent state".

What an amazing passage! Has this professional special forces officer, who served in flash points, a KGB officer, who performed many special assignments in places with an extremely tangled environment, not understood anything in the straightforward collective farm-dictatorial hierarchy? Did the very extraordinary appointee with a direct phone number of Putin misunderstand the special assignment of his boss?

Looks like the local authorities haven't figured out what kind of trouble they're in, having all their eggs in one basket. Therefore, his ruthless speech recalls several figures that eloquently testify to the complete gullibility of local angry bosses. According to Russian estimates, 80 percent of Belarusian agricultural products are sold in their vast market. And in all other respects, there is a complete and hopeless dependence on Russia. There is no need to mention the oil and gas loop. What have they been doing all these years?

The new political term - "Babich's ultimatum" - has been surfing the informations space since the conference when its initiator so hastily and unceremoniously tried on the position of the governor of the annexed province. This isn't good enough. Babich does not create ultimatums. As the performer, he interprets them. And now he simply interprets the same Medvedev's ultimatum in a clear way. He translated it into the language of the North Caucasian contractors'. He explained to extra officials that from now on oil and gas prices will be tied to the implementation of the agreement on the union state.

This state will exist, all contentious issues will simply disappear in the course of time. And there are no other options. Kremlin analysts have clearly calculated that the best way to legitimately extend Putin's authority is to declare a new state. That's why the ridiculous and long forgotten agreement on the union of Belarus and Russia was taken out of the archives.

At the end of last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a package of documents on further developing the seemingly integration. However, it was decided not to expatiate upon Russian proposals. The authorities prefer to be silent in such cases. And the ruler, as if he is not involved, preferred to visit Baranavichy. Even this hopeless prospect is seen in a completely different way.

The city turned into a deserted place. There was silence in areas controlled by security services. The cortege met no barriers. There was a hall filled with light, recognizable faces of capital and local officials. There was a great number of police and prosecutorial uniforms. Totalitarian paradise. Inspired by this spectacle, he immediately pushed back the limits. "The whole world is looking at Belarus today, starting from those countries of our region - Norway, Sweden, Finland, and ending with the far arc, the African one".

That's what it's like to be a strategist! I immediately realized that the region had no other hopes. Only we have brilliant ideas, the latest technologies and other know-how. And the world has already realized who is an undisputed leader here. But there is also a great danger in this universal recognition. While lazy officials are thinking about promotion of our exclusive inventions on the western market, some smart Norway will set up production of agricultural machinery according to the Gomselmash formula in the seldom-visited fjord and fill the entire Russian market with it. This seemingly purely economic situation has another, political aspect. How will Babich behave then?

Sad as it may seem, but prosecutors and cops didn't know what a speechless Iceland was planning to do about it, and whether its dwarves were going to invest their sizeable capital in our advanced industry. There was just not enough time for that. It was necessary to outline immediate prospects. Prosperity is not far off, and its specific limits are blurred and unclear. It is clear that the treasury will be as full as the Aladdin Cave. But when we start sharing, will there be enough for everyone? However, the wise strategist has resolutely rejected these Sharik attacks. A specific goal is set. The average salary is one thousand rubles!

Still, it's weird. Ten years ago, this inspiring objective was set by the authorities. Those elusive "500". Only for some reason there were dollars. It was long and hard way to such a salary. The phantom was approaching or disappearing without a trace. But at the end of last December, it was already officially announced: the goal's reached!

Winter is over, and the same number is looming again on the horizon. That's why the same question arises: what did happen there, in a snowy December? Or did Medvedev's ultimatum disorder arrangements and derail high ideas of the social state? No answer is and will be expected.

But these are the details. It's a trifle. Everything will be fine. And even better. But let's celebrate the 25th anniversary of individual rule and rush to a great goal to achieve.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org