23 July 2019, Tuesday, 4:37
We are in the same boat

Minister Communist Karpenka Criticized Again


Lukashenka has criticized the proposal of Minister of Education.

Lukashenka has met with representatives of the IT-community and commented on the proposal of the Ministry of Education on the introduction of the regular staff of guards and the post of deputy director for security in state educational institutions, BelTA informs.

“Today I was reading wonders in some media (I’ve looked into them with the Government): Education Minister issued an instruction that the teacher must come to school no earlier than 30 minutes before the beginning of lessons and to leave no later than 30 minutes after the end, introduced deputy director for safety and a lot of guards in the school. The question arises who the most important guards in the schools are. Teachers. As it has always been,” – Lukashenka said.

He stressed that the school management and teachers should focus on these issues as well. However, some of the teachers, according to Lukashenka, even do not come out of their classrooms into the corridors. “In addition to education, we must also develop. Development and education are a single process” – he said.