18 July 2019, Thursday, 4:42
We are in the same boat

The Fence As the Heritage of the County Loser


Worldwide fame is reached, as usual.

There was a weird break at the end of winter. We suddenly disappeared from news reports. It's the center of the region. There was nothing but old disputes with Putin. And there were very little of great achievements. Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and everyone who are envious of us and waiting for positive signals, looked in our direction with anxiety and obvious perplexity. What is the reason for such silence? Has anything bad happened in blessed Drazdy?

And here's finally the first news. Unexpected. Terrific. A clear signal that he is still alive and extremely nervous: what about spring? Incredible adventures lie ahead: sowing time over collective farm fields, European games with an inevitable triumph, great and eternal parade, and a great family holiday - 25 years in Drazdy. Then elections follow -the main thing, earthshaking one. And one has to appear in one's light of personal powers. And it's preferable to have gifts for the electorate. But here evil hides. What can a dissipated power offer today?

However, don't underestimate them. They can still do a lot. An indomitable officials' initiative is booming in the vicinity of the main trough. They build up projects and try to promote them. Yes, and the ruler himself is an alert boy. Nobody knows how to "ban". The country has simply drowned in a morass of bans and restrictions. Meaningless and ruthless ones. The only sense of it is to show that such power exists. An evil and intrusive, vindictive and stupid one.

No one can be surprised by atrocities and savagery in this country. But events in Kurapaty are not just an act of vandalism of power. On the second day after its beginning, when crosses demolished by barbarians were loaded into trucks and brought to places of recycling, new special equipment and special suppression squad appeared on the hillsides of this Golgotha. Have you noticed their ranks? They are not sent to hold ordinary detentions. Those few who tried to persuade them or at least to convince the Drazdy shockworker, who drilled holes for poles, that rogue songs were a wrong place to play, were grabbed and dragged to cars paddy wagons.

The official version of these barbaric pranks can only cause tears of emotion. It seems as if representatives of the supreme power only want to beautify something, to improve, "to clean up the land spot". But why was then that hilarious special operation suddenly needed, which once again made this touchy regime notorious?

It would be better to gather those who have been protecting this forest from nouveau savages and their bulldozers for a quarter of the century and tell them about the purity of their intent and so delayed repentance. They should have convinced people that restaurants, dance-floors and other buildings, which miss free space within the city and its surroundings, would have never been built under these pines. It might have ensured some peace there for a while.

But will this power allow itself such an unforgivable weakness? And now the motor has already roared. A tractor driver-shockworker drills a yielding ground. He does not care who and why is buried here. The riot police don't care about it either. They, the riot policemen, are already dragging Nina Bahinskaya and her white-red-white flag down the hill. And a tough colonel of the local police and a minor officer twist hands of Pavel Seviarynets, who tried to protect an elderly woman from demonstrative aggression. It's the same old song - stupid and cruel.

And on Sunday afternoon, those who came to pray for Kurapaty gathered in Freedom Square. People of different confessions. Believers and atheists. The prayer was announced in advance. The authorities knew who those people were and why they came to the cathedral. However, even before the appointed time, there were paddy wagons hidden in the area. Police officers, special officers in plain clothes and just informants crowded the area. A captain approached and warned that the event was unauthorized and bore administrative consequences. The regime, which smells a political action even in a prayer, can hardly live long.

Every dictator has a heritage to leave. As a rule, it's the concentration of what he was capable of. The North Koreans got Juche from Kim Il Sung. The Germans got ruins after Hitler. Stalin left the Gulag. And a country loser, who tried to turn a normal European country into a pretentious dullsville, is likely to leave a fence. And not just one.

The one which is not finished in Kurapaty yet. By the end of the last week, his subordinates had to lay other two hundred meters. Of course, this aria will be fenced. And if ordered, there will be a camp garrison and hard-bitten dogs. It should remind of good old days.

But his fence built for twenty-five years in power is not as good as the one of Kurapaty. The idea is great and simple. Decrees, bans and other tricks of his vertical create such a system that would enclose all the subordinate space with an invisible and unbreakable fence to create a peculiar enclave where one cannot make a step without authorization of heads of all ranks. And as soon as nationwide slavish obedience is achieved, he can confidently and unavoidably lead the country to prosperity.

After the special operation in Kurapaty, the organizer and inspirer of the operation was excited by success. And he did not even realize what had been done. This is a lie that time heals all sorrows. The pain remains. He mocks at memory. People do not forgive such insults.

It will never be forgiven.

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org

It will be recalled that the People's Hramada Party, the member of the Belarusian National Congress, called for a new prayer service "Deliver Us From Devil" on April 15 at 18.00 near the administration building of Lukashenka (Karl Marx Street, 38, Minsk).

On April 4, the authorities demolished crosses along the perimeter of Kurapaty.

Activists report that about 100 crosses were removed.

March 1, Lukashenka expressed his dissatisfaction with the crosses in Kurapaty, which are visible from the road.

The prayer service was held in the center of Minsk, attended by about 1000 people upon the call of one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress, Mikalai Statkevich.

The call was supported by co-chairman of the BCD Pavel Seviarynets.

On April 12, the authorities demolished other 50 crosses along the perimeter of Kurapaty.


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