24 July 2019, Wednesday, 6:32
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Trial Against Blogger Piatrukhin: Prosecutor Requests 2 Years Of Liberty Restriction


The famous Brest blogger is accused under two articles.

On April 15, the court of the Leninski district of Brest continued the consideration of the criminal case against the well-known blogger Siarhei Piatrukhin, who is charged under Part 2 of Article 188 (“Slander”) and Part 2 of Article 189 (“Insult”) of the Criminal Code of Belarus. The case is being considered by judge Aliaksandr Semianchuk, reports the human rights center “Viasna”.

Officers of the Leninski District Department of Internal Affairs Siarhei Ihnatsiuk, Dzmitry Yakushevich, Ihar Halyantsich and Siarhei Takun were victims in the case.

The beginning of the trial was scheduled for 3 p.m.

Today, as before, many police officers came to the court in advance.

They let people into the courtroom in turns: the media, part of the police, part of the public, part of the police again.

Piatrukhin filed a petition for the interrogation of the witness Kalinouski, who was the victim of the beating by one of the injured policemen.

The lawyer of the victims objected, the same as the prosecutor, and the victims. The judge denied the petition.

As for the beating of another witness, Kaminski, they refused to open a relevant criminal case eight times.

Then litigation began. The prosecutor began by referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Constitution. He said that the right to protection of honor and dignity is provided for by the main documents in the field of human rights.

“Piatrukhin’s guilt is confirmed by the case materials that were studied during the trial,” the prosecutor read out the prepared speech.

Also, the prosecutor claimed that the expert could not directly answer the question of whether there had been slander and insult.

“These are people of science. Their science. This is the same as asking him if there was a murder. Professor Lukashanets’s conclusion is only a private opinion of a scientist, which cannot be used as a basis for the accusation,” said the prosecutor.

The prosecutor drew the judge’s attention to the fact that Piatrukhin’s activities are public.

“He has no prior criminal conviction, but he was brought to administrative responsibility. He is an entrepreneur, characterized positively. I ask you to recognize Piatrukhin guilty and fine him for 100 base fees under Article 188 of the Criminal Code, and punish him with the restriction of liberty for 2 years with compensation of damage in favor of the victims, under Article 189 of the Criminal Code”.

On aggregate, this means a 2-year restriction of liberty with a referral to an open type correctional facility and a fine.

The lawyer for the victims entered into the disputes, and immediately began to talk about the Bible and the constitutions of developed countries, and then for a long time justified the moral sufferings of her clients. She supported the request of the prosecutor.

The lawyer said that the victims did not deserve the formation of such an attitude on the part of the society. She asked the court to take into account moral damage: 3000 rubles for Siarhei Ihnatsiuk; 1 500 - for the rest of the three. And also remove the offensive video from the Internet.

Piatrukhin’s lawyer says:

“If the prosecutor’s office had doubts about the beating of Kaminsky eight times, was there a crime in the actions of Ihnatsiuk? So why cannot Piatrukhin have doubt about this situation?”

Piatrukhin’s lawyer also pointed to the confused testimony of the victims. Ihnatsiuk immediately said that in general no physical influence was applied to Kaminski. Then he says that he did not apply it in the territory of the police department...