17 February 2020, Monday, 15:58
The Wait Is Nearly Over



The fiscal noose is tightening around the dictator’s neck.

Remember, Lukashenka recently criticized the Russian authorities for high interest rates on loans? Less than a month, as it became known about a new loan. The credit provider is the same – Russia. But, for the Belarusian authorities, it is nothing to be glad about. Lukashenka asked for a billion dollars, but will get no more than $ 600 million – just enough to pay off the interest of previous loans. And not a cent more.

Furthermore, it became known yesterday that Belarus brings to a close the certification of fruits and vegetables from third countries for re-export to Russia. Simply put, there will be less of the “sanctioned” product trafficking.

It could be a coincidence. Or the result of the budding accountant’s work. In any case, The fiscal noose around Lukashenka’s neck is tightening albeit slowly but steadily.

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