21 January 2020, Tuesday, 9:13
The Wait Is Nearly Over

He Fears Cross So Much!

He Fears Cross So Much!

We must learn to distinguish lies from truth.

"We must learn to distinguish lies from truth. It is not easy today... Never before has a lash of lies and hypocrisy whipped so hard on our ridges," – those are the words from the yesterdays' pray at Kurapaty.

And the arrogant, deceitful words of Lukashenka about Kurapaty made me numb… It's not a president, oh, no… This is a crime boss, cynical, terrible figure, which demonstrates his ego in front of the slaves who have lost their human appearance, drooling from affection from their own loss… Disgusting!

Kurapaty make him feel anxious. He fears CROSS so much!

He must take responsibility for insulting people, for public insults. We can't just wait when the God comes up with a plan. We have it already! We must see and feel Him, if we have a sense of dignity. The devil has crossed all borders! Christ is risen! He is stronger than the devil!

Tatsiana Seviarynets, Facebook