29 February 2020, Saturday, 10:03
The Wait Is Nearly Over

God, Deliver Us From Evil

God, Deliver Us From Evil
Photo by RFE/RL

Who is scared of crosses?

The demolition of crosses by order of Lukashenka at the burial place of victims of Stalin's repressions in Kurapaty outraged many Belarusians. On Sunday, April 7, a prayer service for Kurapaty and the liberation of Belarus was held near Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral.

Readers of Charter97.org express their opinions on the prayer and vandalism of the authorities.

"It's time for everyone to decide who he is!

Is he a free BELARUSIAN or a chained slave of a wicked and mad creature?!

How long will this collective farm **** mock at our national dignity, memory of our ancestors, at everything we cherish, at our children?!

Everyone must decide until it's possible, because it may be not valid tomorrow!

People of Belarus, unite!!!"

"Lukashenka's order to demolish crosses in Kurapaty, in the place of mass executions of innocent people, finally unmasked him. He is a beast wearing a mask. Only such a creature and his devils are afraid of crosses. His time in power is questionable. He must voluntarily give up power. Moreover, no one elected him to this post, but he appointed himself by fraud elections".

"Thank you for coming to the prayer on Sunday. And the rest are just cowards".

"God bless those who saved the National Pride!!!"

"I was there, I saw tears. Tears
of people falling on the marble. We don't need dictator's threats, we're people and
we feel pain".

"In the late '80s, no one protested. And no one could even imagine that the USSR would collapse in a few years. It all happened. The same happens now. A bald cockroach is not able to prevent the collapse of his economy, the country is in debts. In addition, he has great health problems. No matter how you slice it, it's about to be over".

"Why is Lukashenka so afraid of Statkevich??? Because he is different..."

"Lukashenka is the creature of no honor and dignity, no flag and no homeland. He must be tried for all crimes against the people of Belarus. It's time to be called people".

"Belarusians, I'm ashamed of you and especially of the Minskers. Hundreds of thousands of people would gather in any country of Europe. And you can't unite, you will live like "it's not my business". It cannot be forgiven".

"God, deliver us from evil!!!"

"Do you know who burned down Khatyn? Then you should visit Kurapaty. There they demolish crosses. There are devil's servants in human disguise. Haven't you seen the devil? He is hiding from people in the residence. We live desperate times. It's the time of the fall of the country. It's either him or us".

"When children of wreckers start to get sick and die, they'll come to install crosses at night."

"On Adoration of the Precious Cross one can see who's in power here. Lukashenka and his government clearly show whom they serve!"

"It looks like they make crosses for themselves. But it won't work. Instead of crosses, they will get wooden stakes".

"Crosses are amulets. It's always been like that. You, who demolish crosses, do not even understand what you are doing. You and your bosses release the power that these crosses fence off. You will be paid back. Amen".

"Sasha, you can't escape from yourself!"

" The demolition of crosses is the worst evil. Those who do this they do not know what they do. Do not obey criminal orders of anti-Christ Lukashenka. God will punish those who obey orders of a mad tyrant".

"PEOPLE! WHAT ELSE SHOULD HAPPEN FOR YOU TO COME TO SENSES? Literally, they ruined our hearts with a bulldozer. After all, our relatives are buried there. They destroyed the cemetery. Everything was heartbreaking: absence of elections, the retirement age increase, the law on parasitism, lawlessness and many other things... But this! This is the nitty test of our society. And will we tolerate it again?"

"Today, the tract should be the place where we fight back."

"It's the agony of a stupid Shklou degenerate and the system as a whole. No one will feed these parasites anymore. Rats are about to run away! No money is enough for this motley crew eating noisily".

"Jackals, this is your mistake, the modern history is to be written from now on."

"The demolition of crosses in Kurapaty is outrageous. Kurapaty is a holy place where thousands of people killed by Stalin are buried. Dictator Lukashenka, one of admirers of both Stalin and Hitler, shows his true nature once again.

When such atrocities are committed, one cannot be silent and hide. This power drives people into fear. But sooner or later, he flies away like an empty can under one's foot. This moment has come."

"Life is a boomerang, Hitler's self-selected admirer will face it!"

"Citizens, a mad man is in power: he suffers from vengefulness and superiority complex; he's fighting wooden crosses. This is paranoia.

This person must be removed from power.

I guess Kurapaty is the point the demise of this Orthodox atheist will starts from".