9 July 2020, Thursday, 11:27
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Lukashenka Regime Initially Formed As Parasitic, Puppet

Lukashenka Regime Initially Formed As Parasitic, Puppet

The BNC leader spoke at the Lithuanian Seimas.

As Charter97.org reported before, the BCD Co-Chairman Pavel Seviarynets and leader of the Belarusian National Congress Mikalai Statkevich spoke at the Lithuanian Seimas.

Mikalai Statkevich published the text of his speech on Facebook:

"Ladies and gentlemen!

I'll start with an apology. Unfortunately, we could not prevent Lukashenka from placing a nuclear power plant near your capital. Normal neighbors do not do that. Forgive us.

You are behaving like normal and responsible neighbors of Belarus. I want to thank you for your principled stance in relation to what is happening in our country.

Unfortunately, such principles among politicians of the EU states are now an exception rather than a rule. Politicians in other European countries now accept the illegitimate Belarusian regime as an equal partner, disregarding its crimes against our people and state.

I do not know what is more here - a vulgar material interest, the absence of one’s own principles or delusions.

One of the most common excuses for playing games with Lukashenka is that he is allegedly trying to defend Belarus’s independence from Russia. This is a ridiculous excuse. We all know very well here how to strengthen the independence of the country.

First of all, these are economic reforms aimed at making the economy self-sufficient. These are measures to strengthen national and state identity. This is a dialogue with the society and the formation of a national consensus on the need and ways to protect independence. This is the unification of power with the patriotic part of society, the attraction of patriots to the structures related to security and defense.

We see nothing of the kind on the part of Lukashenka. Quite the contrary - the economy is not being reformed, Russification continues, the regime’s pressure on the society is only increasing, the persecution of patriots does not stop.

The reason for this is that the dictator protects not the independence, but the existing level of subsidies and, accordingly, the current level of dependence on Moscow.

The Belarusian regime was initially formed as parasitic and puppet. Its functioning is possible only thanks to colossal Russian subsidies. Without them, the existence of the Belarusian state industry and state agricultural production, in most cases producing not profits, but losses, would have ended long ago with a collapse.

Without these subsidies, it would have been impossible to keep an almost 200-thousand army of "law enforcers", distributed across 8 autonomous special services. So, without the Moscow subsidies, Belarus would have long forgotten about the rule of Lukashenka.

Probably, he even rejoiced over the happiness that came to his hands. For the words about integration and concessions of little importance for him, or even actions he desired, such as destroying the Belarusian language, repressing patriots, giving out television space to Moscow, he received the possibility of unlimited power over our country.

However, what Lukashenka perceived as a comfortable, permanent state was a process for the Kremlin. At the end of which - full absorption of Belarus. A plan for this takeover was proposed by Lukashenka himself 20 years ago. It is called the "Treaty on the Establishment of the Union State."

Moscow has never hid this. They always talked about the "construction of the Union State". And now they simply decided that Lukashenka had prepared Belarus sufficiently for incorporation and that it was time to move to its crucial stage.

Of course, the Belarusian dictator does not want to give up the status of "president" of a formally independent country. He is trying to maintain this status, trying to retain the position of a privileged vassal of Moscow.

But the Kremlin has already decided his fate. Moreover, the incorporation of Belarus will allow Putin to raise his rating again and remain in power after 2024 already as "the president of the Union State". For a leader who is losing popularity, this is a far better way than simply changing the constitution, which will most likely cause protest of a significant part of the Russian society.

Since Lukashenka categorically denies reforms, with a reduction in subsidies, he will inevitably yield to the pressure of Moscow. Otherwise, this reduction will lead to economic collapse and rebellion. But concessions will not save him. The Kremlin is aware of the scale of the nationwide hatred of Belarusians towards the Minsk dictator. In order not to jeopardize the project of incorporation, the dictator will be removed at some stage.

Under current conditions, only the patriotic citizens remain the real defenders of the independence of Belarus.

The Belarusian National Congress declared its readiness to defend independence by any means. Now we are working to consolidate the protest majority around the patriotic forces, to create patriotic leadership for those 80% of Belarusians who want change.

In our work we use official election campaigns. We understand perfectly well that we have no real elections. That the specially selected election commissions simply do not count votes, and observers do not have the right to control the counting of ballots.

However, even fake "elections" are an opportunity for mass protests. After all, outside the election campaigns, any protest actions in the centers of cities end in repression. For example, I recently served 15 days in prison for calling for prayer near the main Orthodox church in defense of the crosses on the site of Stalinist executions, which were demolished under the orders of Lukashenka.

We will use the next parliamentary campaign, as preparation for presidential "elections". Our goal is to achieve the return of fair elections through a massive, long-term peace process.

I have been nominated as a presidential candidate from the BNC. But contrary to the Constitution of Belarus, the electoral “legislation” of the dictator prohibits my nomination because of 8 years of criminal record. I received it after 5 years in prison for protesting against the falsified presidential election in 2010, where I was a candidate.

Due to political convictions, other potential candidates for the presidency of the BNC, Andrei Sannikov and Henadz Fiadynich, are also limited in their political rights.

Therefore, part of the parliamentary and presidential campaigns will be the struggle for the restoration of our constitutional rights.

Our ultimate goal is to defend the independence of Belarus, to build a free and prosperous state in our country.

In this struggle, we are now left almost alone with the Moscow-funded regime. At the official level, only the Republic of Lithuania is showing solidarity with us.

We will fight for the freedom of Belarus in any situation. But all the more we are grateful for any manifestations of solidarity with our struggle. Thanks for the support!

For our and your freedom! ", Mikalai Statkevich said in his speech at the Seimas of Lithuania.