20 June 2019, Thursday, 9:25
We are in the same boat

Poczobut: Those Having A Go At Roma Now Should Remember That Next Time It Might Be Pock Fans Or Bicyclists


The journalist is speaking about the mass detentions of the Roma in Mahiliou.

Residents of the Chapayeuka micro-district have told the journalists how the police officers behaved during detentions: they forced everyone to undress for the personal searches, did not give any water.

- All around the globe, a murder of a police officer causes a wave of anger on the part of law-enforcers. In Belarus, this anger was channeled against a particular ethnicity, - Andrzej Poczobut writes. - Another taboo has been broken. Those who have a go at the Roma now should remember, that it might be some other nation next time, or some other group, like stamp-collectors, rock fans or bicyclists.