29 September 2020, Tuesday, 17:05
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Can’t They Do Without Hostages?

Can’t They Do Without Hostages?

Once again, about the MIA officer, murdered in Mahiliou.

According to local residents of Chapayeuka, where the Roma live, many men are now in custody. Detentions are allegedly related to the abduction and murder of a policeman.

“They said, until they find the criminals, our men will remain jailed. They said we should look for those people through our gypsy mail, ” say the women of the detainees.

Tell me, do I understand correctly that these are hostages?

Well, they are holding them in detention until when? No, no, I do not intend to interfere in the methods of investigation and in the affairs of the investigating authorities. But. All the same, don’t you think this is called taking hostages? Or does it only seem to me?

Do you remember the war? The one when the “grandfathers fought”. The Germans and the policemen in the occupied territories took local residents as hostages. If anything happened with them, they took the locals as hostages. And then shot them one by one. Until they achieved their goal. If someone confessed of having committed the crime, the hostages were released later. Probably.

What am I talking about? Oh yes, about the tragedy in Mahiliou. Will always be like this from now on? Well, if suddenly something seems to someone, and there is a tip, then such “groups” of people will be taken as hostages?

Now, how many doctors are under investigation and almost every day they are detained throughout the country. Like, it’s them who should be blamed for the collapse of medicine. Well, of course, this is a risk group. Doctors today, the Roma tomorrow, businessmen – the day after tomorrow, then who - teachers? This seems inhumane. The XXI century. The center of Europe. Cannot they do without hostages? Yeah. The main thing is what? The main thing is not to uncover themselves in the course of investigatory measures.

Don’t you think that we are all hostages in this country today? They can break in anybody’s house, arrest the owner and hold in detention until ... until they solve their problem. Down with all laws and international practice.

Do you remember? Well, the “Vitsebsk case” about the serial killer of Mikhasevich? Well, before he was found, how many people “were broken down in the dungeons” and they sort of confessed of something they had never committed? You may say, well, it was long ago, such things cannot happen now! Are you sure?

Where everything is broken, where irremovability is in place - there are no other methods except taking hostages. All of us. With or without reasons.

I recalled the events of April 2011, due to some reason. Parallels. Well, the metro blast, remember?

Do I understand correctly: are the elections coming soon? And the economy is going down the drain! Bread and circus!

Viktar Harbachou, Facebook