27 January 2020, Monday, 6:13
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Maryja Tarasenka: I Will Bring All This Absurdity To Supreme Court

Maryja Tarasenka: I Will Bring All This Absurdity To Supreme Court
Maryja Tarasenka

The authorities of Rechytsa, Mazyr, Rahachou and Homel are afraid of the street marches against the decree on "parasites".

Homel resident Maryja Tarasenka, known for her lawsuits against "parasite" commissions, continues to receive bans on holding in the regions peaceful actions against the "parasite" decree. After Dobrush, the protest events are banned in Rechytsa, Mazyr, Rahachou and Homel, Homel Viasna reports.

In the regional center, four demonstrations in each district of the city are banned. According to the city officials, the applicant did not specify the route of the street marches, although each application indicated a specific street along which a group of people were supposed to march.

Maryja Tarasenka prepares complaints to the courts on each of the bans. She expects to bring all this absurdity to the Supreme Court.

"I was registered as a "parasite", I went to court, and there was a refusal – there is no legal action against the decree. In order to draw public attention to the unconstitutionality of the "parasite" decree, I filed applications for holding 25 peaceful protests in the regions and now I’m getting bans. The country has introduced a de facto taboo on our rights and the rights of citizens, – Maryja Tarasenka is puzzled.

Human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka says that the case "Maryja Tarasenka vs the "parasite" decree" will sooner or later be included in the textbooks of the history of Belarus.

"This brave woman shows us all how to defend our rights when we are denied justice or compensation for moral damage. When we will exhaust all domestic remedies, if the Constitutional Court does not hear us, we will transfer the case to the international level," – Sudalenka said.