27 January 2020, Monday, 1:33
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'They Drove People Like Cattle’: Mahiliou Roma Tell About Police Mayhem

'They Drove People Like Cattle’: Mahiliou Roma Tell About Police Mayhem

The Roma from Mahiliou have told how the police detained them during the raids relating to the case of the murdered traffic inspector.

“They did not introduce themselves, nothing of the kind, they just drove the people like cattle, that’s it. This is how it happened,” the casualties claim.

They noted that the police “put the Roma on the floor, faces down, with no clarifications”. The most brutal detentions were carried out in the Chapayeuka district: “They say they beat the people inhumanely there”, the victims recall.

According to them, the policemen themselves referred to their own actions as “the police lawlessness”, Belsat writes.

“They said, like, make a protocol that he was standing near the house, swearing badly, talking aggressively. So they made the papers with regard to me and one more person, and that’s it – we were jailed. They jailed us, I don’t remember exactly, seven or eight people, and held us for nothing there. Why did we spend two days in jail? What for?” the Roma tell.

Herein, the police detained not only men, but women as well. “There was a woman here, after three surgeries, they left no one with her, they also took Dasha, and her brother and held them there till 4 or 6 p.m. They woke everybody up at 3 a.m. and that was it,” the Roma state.

Herein, they note that the dead policeman could not have sat in a car with strangers.

“This means, either he knew too much, or was messed up in something somewhere himself,” the casualties believe.

However, they are not going to complain about the actions of the police, as they are afraid that “it will only make things worse.”