27 January 2020, Monday, 5:54
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Rom Baro Arrested In Mahiliou

Rom Baro Arrested In Mahiliou

He lived in the Chapayeuka micro-district.

On May 22, in Mahiliou, the police detained a 48-year-old Rom Baro, nicknamed Romka, in the Mahiliou microdistrict Chapayeuka. The man is suspected of selling drugs and failure to comply with the court decision on deprivation of the right to drive vehicles, reports tut.by with a reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The special operation was carried out with the support of the traffic police and riot police.

- The day before we received information about the involvement of the suspect in the systematic sale of methadone, other narcotic and psychotropic substances. And today it became known that the dealer managed to sell the potion to several people and intends to carry out another similar transaction, - they told at the Chief Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the Department's representative, in just one day he sold drugs to citizens at least three times.

Before being detained on the highway, the man, according to police, managed to swallow a bag, presumably with a drug. On examination of the car, investigators found a small container with liquid, which was sent for examination.

According to previously established facts of drug trafficking, criminal cases were initiated under Part 3 of Article 328 of the Criminal Code (Illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors) - the baron is in the status of a suspect.

Important to note, on Friday night, men, women, teenagers of the Roma nationality living here were massively taken to the district police department, and then placed in the temporary detention facility. The reason for that was allegedly the information that unknown persons dragged a traffic police officer into a car, drove away and killed him.

Later, the Investigatory Committee declared the lieutenant’s suicide, and the Roma wondered why the police arranged ''such a genocide'',''where to look for protection'' and ''who will apologize.'' Representatives of the diaspora from Mahiliou wrote a letter to the presidential aide for the region asking to protect them - they were afraid of the consequences of their speeches in the media.

First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Head of the criminal police Ivan Padhurski, when asked if he thought that the Ministry of Internal Affairs should apologize to the Roma, who had been massively detained in Mahiliou, replied: ''Maybe we sbould. I don't know if we will.''

What happened

The message that a police officer was abducted in Mahiliou appeared in the evening of May 16. The entire police forces of the Mahiliou region was alarmed, roadblocks were set up on the roads of the whole country. They looked for a black "Volga" with a Russian registration number.

However, a few hours later the lieutenant's body was found a couple of kilometers away from Mahiliou, in the forest with a gunshot wound in the head. On May 18, Yauhen Patapovich was buried. On May 20, the Investigatory Committee issued an official statement on the case of the death of a traffic police inspector in Mahiliou. The basic version is suicide.

According to the original version, a traffic police officer was dragged into a black "Volga" by three unknown persons of the Roma or Caucasian appearance in the Chapayeuka microdistrict and driven away in an unknown direction.

Therefore, on the night of May 17, the police searched the houses of the representatives of the Roma nationality, of which there are many in the microdistrict. Everyone was taken away for an interrogation: teenagers, women, men, - the local residents say. The men were held in the police department and in the temporary detention facility for at least a day, the women were released at 4 a.m.