5 April 2020, Sunday, 19:20
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Photo Fact: Minsk Police Organized "Raid" Against Grannies

Photo Fact: Minsk Police Organized "Raid" Against Grannies

An elderly woman was selling socks in the walking tunnel and didn't have time to run away.

A Facebook user from Minsk has reported about another fact of lawlessness of the Belarusian police.

"This is the end, comrades!

My hands are still shaking, but I couldn't get past...

I was beating an old lady off the police! She was selling socks and did not have time to run away, she cripples. Yes, she has violated the law. But!!!!

They clung like kites! As a result, they just started to pull, push and finally they just knocked the woman down. I could have come in for too, of course, but I got by. The loud voice helped. I cried out loud, people gathered, started to shoot and they stopped touching the woman. I called the police against the police. I hope very much that they will get theirs for the abuse.

Katsia asked in her hearts one of the heroes: "Do you raise your hand against your wife like that too?

"Hero": "If she behaves like that, yes!

Katsia: "But she is a woman!

"Hero": "And I am a man!

Let the country know its "heroes". They are near. They "protect us".