3 June 2020, Wednesday, 0:24
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

"Basta To Police Lawlessness!"

"Basta To Police Lawlessness!"

Some new graffiti have appeared in Minsk.

And now let's be serious. There is too much joy about Shunevich's dismissal. The resignation of his predecessor, we remind, caused no less emotion. Not for long. The new minister, who was already known for his interrogations and torture of presidential candidates and protesters after 2010 Square, quickly showed himself in all his glory, the Basta telegram-channel writes.

We are so glad as if together with Shunevich's resignation the mockery of prisoners and strange "suicides" of policemen and citizens detained by them have stopped. Has an investigation into the kidnapping of opposition leaders, including, by the way, Interior Minister Yury Zakharanka, begun? Are the corrupt officials who have stolen millions of dollars from the people, Shunevich himself, who deserves a couple of criminal articles just for his statements, detained? Are the special forces of the Interior Ministry ready to arrest the dictator?

We don't see any of this. No matter how high and mighty the former minister acts, he's just a modest cog in the system built by Lukashenka. A well-trained chain dog. The words that we "have started to create a cross between concentration camps and ghettos", which the dictator said to him yesterday, are not criticism. It's a praise, the best assessment of the Interior Minister's performance in a totalitarian country.

We need the police which will protect the people, not the officials and oligarchs. It is necessary to investigate the crimes committed by the dictator and his accomplices. We want Lukashenka's resignation, without which all this is impossible.

Then we will rejoice and celebrate.

In the meantime, new graffiti has appeared in the streets of Minsk: