20 February 2020, Thursday, 18:10
The Wait Is Nearly Over

"Lead Watch" Continues In Brest

"Lead Watch" Continues In Brest

Sunday's meeting with the head of Brest did not change the activists' plans.

Activists continue to be on the "lead watch" near the iPower battery plant in the Brest Free Economic Zone.

Sunday meeting with the head of Brest Aliaksandr Rahachyk did not change their plans, as the plant is working, though in test mode:

– It's going to be quiet after the meeting, but I wonder what Tuesday's going to bring in. It's the 11th, we're all waiting for it. Will this act be signed, will it not be? In general, how long can we postpone the pre-commissioning? And in the meantime, the emissions are here. There was a case when the truck was detained allegedly with the finished products, – the activists told Radio Racyja.

Some of the activists hope for the arrival of the investigation team, which they requested from Aliaksandr Rahachuk during the meeting with him.