10 July 2020, Friday, 18:26
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‘Basta’: Boiling Point In Security Officials ‘Caste’ In Belarus Seems Close

‘Basta’: Boiling Point In Security Officials ‘Caste’ In Belarus Seems Close

The dictator conducts an analogue of the Stanford prison experiment with regard to the Interior Ministry.

The most unfortunate in our country are the security forces, writes Andrei Voynich for the Telegram-channel “Basta”.

Lukashenka conducts in Belarus a kind of analogue of the Stanford prison experiment, only more extensive, at the level of the whole country. He divided the citizens into two categories - security officers and civilian prisoners, since he had experience of working in prison.

Perhaps he even knew about this experiment in 1971 and was guided by it intentionally, because so many parallels can be drawn.

Citizens' rights were cut, and the rights of the security forces, on the contrary, were expanded. Up to the right to testify in favor of other security officials against citizens, which opened up for the dictatorship incredibly wide opportunities - from outright slander, lies and falsification to the actual monetization of citizens and their rights.

The courts, of course, were tailored to the needs of the dictatorship and the security officials, respectively.

This creates a paradox, which is that the security forces, being also citizens of Belarus, having relatives - citizens of Belarus, act against them for the sake of obtaining some momentary gain for themselves. They do not associate themselves with the people, do not take part in protests against what directly concerns them, moreover, they suppress these protests to the detriment of themselves.

Both themselves and their relatives, as well as everyone else, are forced to eat bad food, receive poor-quality education, risk life and health because of the Belarusian NPP, breathe lead in Brest and the waste of the bleached pulp plant in Svetlahorsk, pay overestimated costs for fuel, and constantly risk their savings due to the ruble ever-hanging in the air.

But even this is not the peak of everything. Our country has become a police state, so the prospects for a good life for security officials and their families are becoming increasingly illusory and sad.

A simple example. Every year a huge number of specialists leave our country, go abroad. These are teachers and professors, technicians and engineers, young scientists and, most importantly, probably, doctors. From my environment, 13 people simply left medicine in 2018, eight of them went to Poland and, oddly enough, to Africa. For example, in Angola, doctors are paid many times more and the life with work is better and freer.

It ended pitifully for everyone, including for power structures and their families. They simply have no one to turn to, because even in their closed specialized “elite” medical institutions, the personnel is aging and not developing.

This applies to absolutely all areas of the society.

They, as it seems to me, in most cases understand this, but have already got involved into it all. Someone ideologically, someone because of mutual responsibility, and someone is just afraid.

Still, even these people, who today can be called "a caste without a future", have their own boiling point and break point, after which they will also have to take exactly a civil position, not the position of a strongman protecting someone else’s benefits. It is close. The parties held due to the resignation of Shunevich prove this.

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