29 May 2020, Friday, 17:39
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Valeryj Karbalevich: Integration Talks Between Belarus And Russia Remind Middle Ages

Valeryj Karbalevich: Integration Talks Between Belarus And Russia Remind Middle Ages

The information is hidden from citizens.

The last week was rich in statements of Russian and Belarusian officials about integration of the two countries. First, after a meeting with his Belarusian counterpart Dzmitry Krutoi, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Maxim Oreshkin, said that the parties "are discussing the possibility of creating a single currency within the framework of the Union Treaty."

He was followed by Belarusian Ambassador to Russia Uladzimir Siamashka, who said that "Belarus and Russia should enter a new stage of integration."

And finally, Vladimir Putin, who "calmed down" the Belarusians by the statement that "there's no reason for uniting the states today. It sounded in such a way that we should worry with a tripled force.

Political analyst Valeryj Karbalevich has commented on the loud statements to Salidarnasts:

– There is a reason for concern. It appeared last year, when it became clear that Russia was seriously seeking integration with Belarus. Now we see certain information strokes that paint such a picture.

Does Moscow have a chance to press out the single currency issue right now? The political scientist draws attention to the fact that the negotiations between the parties are held in secret:

– The situation resembles the Middle Ages, when princes and kings divided and united their principalities and kingdoms, while their subjects were silent. The problem is that the society – both Belarusian and Russian - does not participate in this process in any way.

The interlocutor of Salidarnasts considers it necessary to wait for more specific officials' declarations and action plans.

Valeryj Karbalevich has interpreted the words of the Belarusian Ambassador as follows:

– Indeed, the rhetoric used by Uladzimir Siamashka is typical of the Russian authorities. Belarusian officials have avoided such rhetoric so far. I can express a hypothesis: Siamashka is a businessman, he is not very aware of such diplomatic issues. It is not known who had written these words to him, he just read them. It is difficult to draw conclusions from his statements about the position of the Belarusian leadership, which is behind these words.