9 December 2019, Monday, 14:28
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‘Basta’: Dictator Hovers In Soviet Past, Continues Dancing On Rakes

‘Basta’: Dictator Hovers In Soviet Past, Continues Dancing On Rakes

Very soon, the satellites of Elon Musk will make the information beyond the control of Lukashenka.

Another confirmation has come that the Russian authorities are following the footsteps of their experimental rat, dictator Lukashenka. Moreover, not always thinking about the consequences, writes Telegram-channel “Basta”.

There are already more than 100 detainees at the rally in Moscow; there are a lot of journalists in paddy wagons. Similar things happened in Minsk on March 25, 2000. Even official propagandists got into hot water then.

Journalistic solidarity is a powerful weapon. Then, the shots from Minsk got viral all over the world. The image of the enemy of the press stuck to Lukashenka.

The result is obvious: Belarus is the last dictatorship of Europe, a rogue country, a “black hole” that even extreme tourism lovers are afraid to go to, not to mention serious investors.

The dictator, hovering in the sovok past and perceiving the media, like the “districts papers” of that time, did not understand his mistake. He continues dancing on the rakes with a maniac persistence. He fights with journalists, blocks websites, pursues bloggers.

However, it’s the second decade of the 21st century. The censors, not far ahead of their boss in development, do not keep up with the technology. The Intra and applications allow you to read any blocked site, and the satellites of Elon Musk are already flying over Belarus. Very soon, the Internet, and hence the information will be completely out of control of the little local dictators.