5 June 2020, Friday, 21:46
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Andrei Sannikov: Our Team Lacks Aleh Biabenin Today

Andrei Sannikov: Our Team Lacks Aleh Biabenin Today
Andrei Sannikov

This feeling that we need him does not get any less acute.

Founder of the Charter97.org news website Aleh Biabenin would have turned 45 today.

International coordinator of the Charter’97 civil initiative, leader of the European Belarus civil campaign Andrei Sannikov shared his memories about Aleh Biabenin:

- It’s been nine years since his tragic death, and Aleh would have turned only 45 now. This is a shocking fact, such a young man, full of strength and opportunities, left this life, and I think not due to his own will. Our team badly lacks him today, and this feeling that we still need him is not getting any less acute. Moreover, today we recall who he was and how he worked, and realize he was a unique crisis manager. He could get himself together in an unbelievably short time in any situation, and work with the highest efficiency. Herein, this related to both technical issues and the issues of strategy and tactics.

I can recall so many things about Aleh, it’s even hard to briefly characterize him, he was so talented and well rounded, a man who found his vocation, true purpose in journalism, created his own name, became a noticeable figure in the Belarusian opposition, and consciously chose the path of resistance, not opportunism. Although he had many tempting financial offers. He probably considered them seriously, but remained loyal to the activities of the opposition in Belarus.