22 July 2019, Monday, 18:13
We are in the same boat

Belarusian Villagers Throw Away Strawberries To Protest

Hundreds of kilograms of ripe berries appeared not on our tables, but in a graveyard.

An unprecedented harvest of strawberries has happened this year. However, hundreds of kilograms of ripe berries appeared not on our tables, but in a graveyard, writes Belsat.

In the Luninets district there is such a situation that it is easier for the villagers to throw the berries away than to give it to the buyers for a penny. What is happening and is it possible to change the situation?

Ripe, juicy, sweet! It's time to try fragrant strawberries!

“Strawberries are very tasty, especially at this time!”

“We love it, but we freeze it, we make compotes. This is the most popular berry now. ”

“I really love strawberries. A tasty berry, wholesome, is very good for health, ”the residents of Vitsebsk share.

But the way of those wonderful berries to our table is not easy: it is necessary to grow them, pick in the unbearable heat like now, deliver to the market and stand there in a queue under the sun, handing them over to the purchasers. The latter are willing to purchase, but offer extremely low prices. The villagers say:

“People work all year to get some money this month, some profit from their households, but it turns out that they give the berries away for 20 kapeykas. And then for these 20 kapeykas, I personally stood in this queue for 4 hours to hand over 2 buckets of strawberries.”

“For 20 kapeykas. Is it real? What can I buy for this? Why are prices rising, and the cost of our strawberries has not changed for 5 years? ”

In the meantime, the sweet berry is sold many times more expensive to the customers in the market.

See the opinions of an economist, the berry purchasers, and the attitude to the problem of the local authorities in the video report.