5 June 2020, Friday, 22:20
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Time To Stop Playing Games With Dictators

Time To Stop Playing Games With Dictators

Do not participate in the dirty political stooges, the cost of which is human life.

Another death sentence has been executed in Belarus. The current pet of Europe (just because he's not Putin), and Ukraine (because the roads are good) ordered to execute two people on the eve of the European Games. What are these ''European games''? This is beyond my imagination. Why do athletes need them? Why are those games persistently held in dictatorial countries? Why did they plan to hold the Games in Russia after Azerbaijan, and when the doping scandal made this impossible, joyfully rewarded the neighboring bloodsucker Lukashenka?

They invite athletes to do some running and jumping in the country where people are killed.

Those vague European Games hastened the execution of the death convicts in Belarus. It's true, they executed murderers, but they did not try them with fair trial, as there is no such phenomenon in Belarus. The convicts were killed, not punished. At least one of them appealed the sentence in the UN. In such cases, in the states with working judicial system, the sentence is suspended. They did not suspend the sentence because it was necessary to show Europeans, who is the master in Belarus, and that the master just enjoys killing people. This is his hobby. The current MFA will easily explain this to you in the framework of the ''dialogue with the EU on the subject of human rights''.

Also, here, with the help of the West which sent their representative Ronald Noble from the Interpol, in order to help to justify the executions, Kanavalau and Kavaliou were killed for the blast in the metro, with which they had nothing to do. And how many else state murders happened, without us knowing about them?

The holiday is coming though, those European Games, which Europe plays with dictators, and even gives money for this. 50 states approved holding these games in Belarus. 49 of them, apart from Russia, abolished the death penalty. It remains only in Belarus. Do you know why? Because Lukashenka does not allow abolishing it. Don't believe that polls show the support of the death penalty. First, it has long been impossible in Belarus to conduct polls, and secondly, the death penalty is Lukashenka's favorite toy.

In all the 50 countries (yes, 50, including Belarus), active campaigns for the abolition of the death penalty were or are carried out. Big money is allocated so that people were explained how bad it is to execute own co-brothers and co-sisters (let us be politically correct). Reports are published, cases of executions are recorded, posters are printed and beautiful caps are made.

Maybe, human rights organizations have become carried away, and just don't notice that the death penalty in Europe remains only in Belarus. In that very Belarus, where the European Games are about to start. In that very Belarus where Lukashenka deliberately ordered to execute a death sentence on the eve of these games, not afterwards.

Are you asking why? So that, when next time Europe wags a finger at him with regard to human rights, or says, ''naughty, why killing people'', he would be able to calmly say: ''Yes, I killed them, and you came in a couple of days to celebrate this murder with me.'' And Europe would agree: right, why speaking about unpleasant things?

So, let us return to the ''powerful'' campaigns for the death penalty abolition and the finance allocated thereof. I have some absolutely free advice on the most effective campaign for the abolition of the death penalty, which would not cost you a penny: the European states, which have abolished the death penalty in their countries, don't come to Belarus. Don't participate in the dirty political stooges, the cost of which is human life. Ask your athletes - and it's you who finance their trips to the dictators' parties - not to go anywhere but get prepared for the real competitions. Trust me, the athletes will thank you for this. I can assure you that no one will remember a single winner of the European Games in Baku, apart from the winners themselves. If they are not ashamed, though.

Don't humiliate athletes. Don't encourage dictators.

I don't like to go tagging my acquaintances and friends, so I am just asking: let us stop encouraging dictators, let us protect the athletes from humiliation, let us really abolish the death penalty in Belarus. This is very easy to do.

Take this text of mine, disseminate it, better retell it in your words, with regard to your country. Translate it into other languages. Address to your governments, members of parliaments, with a call to stop the participation of athletes in the games in the country where death penalty still exists, and where a death sentence has just been executed, in order to make you copartners in this.

Andrei Sannikov, coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, Facebook