11 July 2020, Saturday, 20:41
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Doctors Visited Mothers-328 Who Are On Hunger Strike In Pukhavichy District

Doctors Visited Mothers-328 Who Are On Hunger Strike In Pukhavichy District

The activists have been on a hunger strike for six days.

Three activists of the Mothers 328 movement have been on a hunger strike in the village of Vostrau in Pukhavichy district for six days, Radio Svaboda reports.

"Today the ambulance came again: they took blood for analysis and measured the pressure. There were no officials. Nothing new happened within the day. Perhaps because it was a day off," - Alla Bernal, a hunger striker, said. According to her, they do not intend to stop the protest campaign.

Other activists of the Mothers-328 movement keep in touch with the hunger strike participants.

The participants of the hunger strike demand:

- A meeting with Lukashenka

- Humanization of the anti-drug legislation

- Review of cases under Article 328

- Remove the concept of "highly dangerous drugs" from the law.

- Resignation of Supreme Court Chairman Valiantsin Sukala.

- Dissolution of the "house of representatives" of the "national assembly."

The activists went on a hunger strike with similar demands in April-May last year. They stopped that hunger strike after they were promised that the "house of representatives" would consider changes to Article 328 of the Criminal Code.

On June 13th this year, the "house of representatives" adopted amendments, according to which the lower limit of penalties was reduced by two years: up to three years under the second part of the article and up to six years under the third part.

Mothers-328 consider these changes insufficient.