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Lukashenka Considered Him Active: What Is Known About The Detained ‘Mayor’ of Salihorsk

Lukashenka Considered Him Active: What Is Known About The Detained ‘Mayor’ of Salihorsk

The independent trade union was ready to protest against Paskrabko's actions.

According to the Interior Ministry, Aleh Paskrabko as Deputy Minister of Housing and Communal Services "subtly" received bribes. The official was detained right in the building of the regional executive committee.

Udf.by brought interesting facts about this person.

He acted harshly, heading the Tsentralny district of Minsk

Aleh Paskrabko moved to Minsk in 1996 and entered the Belarusian State Technological University. Having worked in the housing and utilities sphere, he was appointed the head of the Tsentralny District Administration in 2012.

In this position, he decisively stood for resettlement of the residents of Revolutsionnaya Street. The authorities wanted to restore and transform the street in the centre of Minsk. The owners of the apartments were against and protested, but it did not help them.

This position is a bit possessive: "As long as the apartment is mine, I am the owner and I am in charge of it. And if you say that one has to pay a billion rubles to reconstruct the house, the answer is: "Is it my fault that it falls apart?" I think this is wrong... Because this is the centre of the city, it should be beautiful," the official said.

He worked in the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services when the Belarusians were indignant about tariffs

In early 2016, Belarusians were outraged by figures in utility bills. The head of the country demanded to "handcuff" those, who hadn't exceeded the tariffs set by his order. Lukashenka also instructed to analyze the situation with tariff rates for housing and utility services and make accurate calculations.

A press conference of representatives of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services was planned for March 2. But they refused to come at the very last moment, apparently being afraid to answer journalists' questions. It was stated that Aleh Paskrabko was late because of an emergency meeting and would appear at the press centre in 5-7 minutes. However, the official never appeared.

Prior to his appointment in Salihorsk, he had never been there

Having arrived in the town of miners Paskrabko confessed that he had never been to Salihorsk before. And he said he was glad to see that the city was founded by competent architects.

The Independent trade union was ready to march against Paskrabko

The trade union, which has a strong position in Belaruskali, stated that at the end of last year. The reason was the discrimination of the trade union members at several enterprises of the city. The registration of the cell was refused for some fictitious reasons.

"Elections" were a holiday for his family

Aleh Paskrabko came to the polling station with his wife and children. He used to say that "elections" were always a holiday for his family.

"I woke up children early in the morning. I told them about the day, about elections, about major functions of local "councils of deputies". I believe that the culture of participation in significant political campaigns in the country should be taught from childhood," the head of Salihorsk district said during the local elections.

Lukashenka reminded him of the unfortunate fate of the former mayor of Salihorsk

Approving the appointment of Paskrabko to the post of chairman of Salihorsk District Executive Committee, Lukashenka noted that he was one of the active members of the group, engaged in the reform of the housing and utilities sector.

And a competitive task was set for him: "As for Salihorsk, you know what happened to the head there. Therefore, you will have to improve the image of the authorities in Salihorsk district".

According to official information, the previous head of the district, Aliaksandr Rymasheuski, was detained while taking bribes. He was convicted for 8 years, but six months later it became known that Lukashenka had pardoned the official.

Will Paskrabko follow his fate?