5 April 2020, Sunday, 14:19
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Activist From Homel Forces Officials To Measure Street Using Tape Measure

Activist From Homel Forces Officials To Measure Street Using Tape Measure

Are the authorities really so afraid of the “parasites” actions that they are ready to make fools of themselves?

On June 21, a Brahin district court dismissed a complaint filed by Homel activist Maryja Tarasenka about the ban to hold a street procession against the infamous Decree # 3 on “parasites”, in the district center. The officials of the local district executive committee came to the court with a tape measure and began the “performance” - they started to measure the distance from the courthouse to the pedestrian section of the street, Homel Spring informs.

The point is, Maryja tarasenka applied to conduct a protest action in the form of a street procession involving up to 10 people exactly in the central street of the district center, and the buildings of the court and prosecutor's office are located there.

Court Chairman Aliaksei Yahschanka supported the initiative to measure the width of the street, but for some reason began to do it with his own tape measure. Natalila Hardzeychyk, the secretary of the court, helped him with this; the ideologist of the district executive committee Siarhei Dauhuliavets and the local vertical lawyer Tatsiana Krauchanka gave valuable instructions to the servants of Themis.

Since the width of the street was not in favor of the Homel dweller, the officials immediately accused her that, “choosing Savetskaya Street, she did not consider the placement of very important institutions here, the distance to which from the opposite side of the road turned out to be less than 50 m.”

“And so, the Bragin district executive committee is only happy and not at all against the street procession with regard to Decree #3. But the Savetskaya Street chosen by the applicant is not suitable for such processions. Now, if she chose a different street, then everything would be at its best,” local vertical men argued to the court.

Commenting the court decision for the Homel Spring website, Maryja Tarasenka stated with irony that “in Bragin, unlike Kastrychnitski, the officials are very good and sincere, therefore they are loved even by storks who settled on the roof of the court buildings”.

Homel resident Maryja Tarasenka, famous for her struggle against the Decree #3, applied for a permit to hold protest actions in all 24 districts of the Homel region and was refused everywhere. During the week, apart from Brahin, court hearings were held in Rahachou, Kastrychnitski and Mazyr.

The servants of Themis everywhere take the side of the officials.