16 July 2020, Thursday, 3:24
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Does Money of Belarusian Drivers Go to Offshores?

Does Money of Belarusian Drivers Go to Offshores?

Motorists are outraged by the policy of the country's leadership.

Recently, Finance Minister of Belarus Maksim Yermalovich spoke out against the possible inclusion of road tax in the fuel price. Drivers believe it's fair "to pay more if you drive more".

Since 2014 it's impossible to pass the MOT test without a receipt for road tax. Therefore, many Belarusian motorists drive without passing the MOT test. Apparently, this practice will remain.

Charter97.org asked the motorist, representative of the Belarusian National Congress in Slonim Viktar Marchyk to comment on the situation:

- Looking at the prices, I have a feeling that the road tax has already been included in the price of fuel. The authorities want to raise the fuel price, collect the road tax and take money for the MOT test.

My friends and I believe that the road tax should be abolished! We already overpay for fuel today. Soon, the fuel price in Belarus will exceed one in Europe, although salaries are not high here.

Stop Gasoline protest actions may reoccur...

- It is noteworthy that early this month Yermalovich said that he considered the option to include the tax in the cost of fuel. Does he backpedal now?

- Perhaps, the authorities have decided that the inclusion of the tax in the cost of fuel will gain no profit. Much more money can be raised if the road tax is tied to the MOT test. Can you imagine these amounts?

They know that someone will drive less and therefore pay less. The hole in the budget is about to emerge. It is said that because of these extortions Belarusians are about to prefer cycling. They should think it over.

Probably, the authorities realise they can lose money. Although, it will happen anyway. The economic situation deteriorates and people are getting poorer.

Many people refuse to pay for it. They boycott it.

The authorities know only such words as "ban", "raise", but not the words meaning "assistance". They are not interested in better conditions for Belarusians. You know the financial burden laid on drivers.

- Indeed, more than half of the drivers boycott the MOT test and, accordingly, the road tax. Why do the authorities want to aggravate the situation?

- You know, if it continues, they will not see any money. Neither for the MOT test, nor for the road tax, nor for fines. Only few will pass the test.

People will take a risk. Just because they have to pay much money. People also believe the system is not fair.

Imagine how many motorists there are in Belarus. Some families also have several cars. Even if half of them pay road tax, it makes much money. How is it spent? The paradox is that the condition of roads is deteriorating. Nobody fixes them. Most likely, the money of motorists goes to offshores.

Look at roads in the regions. They differ from those Lukashenka drives. I do not mean Slonim. Local authorities take money from people to repair roads. They say if we want good roads we should either pay for them in full or 50/50.

The fact is that they take 50% of the budget. Whose money is in the budget? It turns out that people pay for the roads themselves. Of course, it causes indignation. People come to meetings with the authorities and speak out.

If we should decide everything at our own expense, why do we need such a government at all? That is the question.

Belarus is a transit country. Why, for example, not to make a "road tax" for foreigners, and to ease the life for Belarusians?

- What would you say to the government on behalf of Belarusian drivers?

- Abolish the road tax! If we consider the ratio of fuel price and salaries, we are actually already paying more than the EU.

Look how much fuel they can buy with their salaries and how much we can. The percentage ratio is already shocking!

Many of my acquaintances say that they would gladly pass the MOT test. It is really useful, but we cannot do it because of the road tax.

Authorities, leave the drivers alone!