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Pinsk Shop Guards Held 9-Year-Old Kid In Supply Closet For 4 Hours

Pinsk Shop Guards Held 9-Year-Old Kid In Supply Closet For 4 Hours

The guard forced the child to sit with his arms behind his back, and abused him, using foul language.

On June 1, 9-year-old Zhenya Vishneuski from Pinsk went to the store - and disappeared. The child, as it turned out, was detained by the store’s security guard, reports STV.

That day the boy went to the store - and for some reason secretly tried to take a chocolate bar and a bag of crackers. The guard caught the child by the hand and took him to the supply closet.

According to Zhenya's mother Iryna Vishneuskaya, the guard forced her son to sit with his arms behind his back, legs crossed, and to keep his back straight, “when an adult talks to him,” he abused and insulted him with foul language.

Iryna went to Minsk as she had some errands to run on that day, so the boy’s stepfather set off to rescue Zhenya from captivity. However, the store employees did not let the man see the child, writes tut.by.

- My husband tried to rescue the child out of this, to which the guard told the policemen that: “If he tries to take the child away, you can detain him, twist his arms, put him on the floor. This is a nobody, ”says Iryna. “He asked if he could go to feed the child, maybe he was hungry, maybe he needed to go to the toilet. The guard said the boy could not come or anything. That he should sit still. There was no one of the store’s administration there. There was no one with whom they could make a dialogue on this issue, and solve it somehow.

When the woman arrived from Minsk to Pinsk, they refused to give the child to her too.

- When I came, she (the juvenile affairs inspector) did not even introduce herself. “So, do you know that you can't steal?” You will be considered socially dangerous. Your child did such thing so he will be put on a record. ” Although I know perfectly well that my child is 9 years old, he is not even subject to administrative responsibility. And at that age, it is not the police that do the work, but parents and social psychologists. And when I came, he was sitting there trying to get himself together. When I arrived, I saw this, I myself was in the same condition,” the mother recalls.

The boy sat in the supply closet for 4 hours. Now, Zhenya’s parents are afraid to leave the 9-year-old boy alone, a psychologist works with the child.

- This is an incomprehensible situation in which indifference, inhumanity manifested itself. And, on the one hand, my child, yes - he is the one who committed the crime. But the crime was committed against him. No one wants to think about it. Was it really impossible to agree on something, resolve this issue? Are we living on Mars? I was in no way going to evade responsibility,” explained Iryna Vishneuskaya.

A lawyer, having studied the story of detention in the store, issues a resume: employees have exceeded their authority. Only licensed members of the security department have the right to detain and inspect offenders.

- If we say that this is just some store employee who was formally given the status of a security guard by the store itself, in such a situation this person does not have any authority to detain anyone, to inspect personal things or belongings of a person who committed some kind of administrative offense,”commented partner of the law office Yulia Kotukh.

The head office of a network of supermarkets conducted a service check and found that there were no violations in the behavior of the store’s security guard.

- How would the mother assess the situation if we sent a child in a state of stress after the fact of theft away from the store, and something happened to him? Second: I would ask you, in assessing the situation, to exclude the emotions of the mother, who did not see how everything happened, and does not know how it happened, because she was in Minsk at that time. Third: the employees of the retail facility promptly notified the juvenile affairs inspector of the theft committed by a minor, and then acted in accordance with the instructions of the juvenile affairs inspector, said the head of the security department of the hypermarket chain Andrei Kruhley.

The lawyers are sure that there is no point for further proceedings in court between the hypermarket and the affected family - after all, the child and the security guard behaved incorrectly. Zhenya's mother decided to defend the rights of her son anyway.