2 July 2020, Thursday, 21:43
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Raukou: Travel Ban Will Be Imposed Also On Those Who Failed To Report New Address, Weren’t Handed Military Subpoena

Raukou: Travel Ban Will Be Imposed Also On Those Who Failed To Report New Address, Weren’t Handed Military Subpoena

What the innovations of the bill “on postponements”are.

The “deputies” in the “parliament” discussed the draft law “On changing the laws of the effective functioning of the state’s military organization”, which the people called the “deferment law” and adopted it in the first reading, tut.by reports.

The bill in the “parliament” was presented by Minister of Defense Andrei Raukou. He lamented the decline in the number of recruiting resources due to the demographic situation in the country, the deterioration of the health of young men, as well as the large number of postponements that are now in effect.

- In the conditions of the adequacy of draft resources, the Ministry of Defense has always been going to meet the proposals for granting army service postponement to certain categories of citizens. Now it is time to support the proposal of the security forces, because it is directly related to ensuring the security of the country, - the minister said.

Today, 76 categories of citizens are not drafted for the army service, which, according to Raukou, is more than in other countries.

Andrei Raukou said that approximately 4,000 people are hiding from conscription up to the age of 27 in each draft.

- How can they work effectively in the interests of the state, when they deliberately abandon their military obligations, which are in the interests of this state? - asked Raukou.

According to the Minister, the new law will make it possible to take to the army approximately 1.5-2 thousand more people in the spring draft, and up to 3 thousand in the autumn draft, which is 10-15% of all who are to be drafted.

“We will be able to receive conscription resources by 90% in the fall and 50% in the spring,” the minister said. “With the elimination of postponements, we do not immediately resolve the issue, it will be solved gradually.

An important explanation from the minister: the temporary restriction of the right to leave the country will be applied not only to those graduates who do not appear in the military enlistment office under a draft notification, but also those who, violating military registration duties, do not inform the military enlistment office on changing their place of residence or stay in connection with which it becomes impossible to notify them in time during the draft.

In fact, the minister refuted the words of “deputy” Ihar Martynau, who argued that they could only impose travel ban upon handing the draft notification personally.

87 “deputies” voted for the deferment bill, 6 - against, 7 did not vote. The document was adopted in the first reading, it is expected that on Friday, it will be adopted in the second reading.

The main innovations of the bill

The army service postponement for obtaining education will be provided only once. After school, a young person, for example, may enter a university, secondary vocational school or college. Further, if he completed secondary vocational education, he would have to serve in the army first, and then go to a university. If after school a guy has in a higher educational establishment, then he will have to serve before the magistracy.

The draft commission may decide “on the recognition of a citizen as not having completed military service without legal grounds.” Young men who evaded army draft till the age of 27 will be recognized as such. The information on their recognition as those who did not serve in the army will be entered in a military ID in the column “Special Notes”. With such a mark, they will not be hired to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Committee of Forensic Examinations, the bodies of financial investigations of the State Control Committee, the Investigatory Committee, or the civil service.

Those “duly notified and not attending conscription activities” will be banned from going abroad. Now a young man should be recognized as a military draft evader (and this is a specific procedure, initiation of a criminal case, etc.) and only then they can impose a travel ban on him.

Those who go to the army after graduation under the contract will be exempt from distribution.

At the same time, they will not return money for education.