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General Prosecutors' Office On Raid Against Roma: Everything Was Done By Law

General Prosecutors' Office On Raid Against Roma: Everything Was Done By Law

Aliaksei Stuk justifies the actions of the Belarusian police.

Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Aliaksei Stuk reported on the results of checking the actions of the Mahiliou region police after the disappearance of traffic policeman Patapovich on May 16. "The police officers had good reason to check the representatives of the Roma diaspora on a mass scale. You know what kind of text was sent by Patapovich," - Stuk said at a press conference on June 25, Euroradio reports.

According to him, the prosecutor's office "has almost immediately conducted a check on any illegal actions (abuse of power, etc.) against representatives of the Roma diaspora - no violations have been identified."

Deputy Prosecutor said that the prosecutor's office found only minor procedural violations by police officers, which were subsequently eliminated.

"In addition, not a single statement (about the actions of the police. -note) has been received from persons of Roma nationality," - Aliaksei Stuk said.

As previously reported, on May 16, police lieutenant Yauhen Patapovich was found dead in Mahiliou. Before his death, he sent a message to his colleagues via Viber about the alleged kidnappers of Roma nationality. After that, a mass raid against Roma took place in Mahiliou. Later, the detainees told journalists that the detentions had been very brutal.