24 July 2019, Wednesday, 2:24
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Mass Meeting In Support Of BPR Held In Mahiliou 101 Years Ago.

At that time, similar meetings were held in dozens of other cities and towns in Belarus.

On July 12, 1918, a meeting of the Mahiliou public was held, which expressed its support for the Belarusian People's Republic, the radabnr.org website writes.

About 400 representatives of local public and political organizations gathered in the Mahiliou courtroom. The absolute majority of those present supported the idea of independence of Belarus and the declaration of the Belarusian People's Republic (2 people voted against and 9 people abstained).

Similar meetings were held in dozens of other cities and towns.

On the photo: the building where the meeting took place, the modern address: 24 Pershamaiskaya Street (former Balshaya Shklouskaya Street).