17 January 2020, Friday, 16:44
The Wait Is Nearly Over

BRSM Received Emails About Planted Bombs

BRSM Received Emails About Planted Bombs

The data is being checked by the police.

The regional BRSM committees received a mail-out about the bombs allegedly planted in the buildings. The police are checking this information, tut.by reports.

"The regional BRSM committees have just received e-mails about the planted explosive devices," - Interior Ministry spokeswoman Volha Chamadanava reported on Telegram.

According to her, the information was immediately received by the operational and security services of Minsk and regional police departments.

"Investigation and operational teams, as well as sapper-pyrotechnic groups, Emergencies Ministry and medical service are sent to the scenes. The police take all necessary measures to ensure public safety," - the agency added.

Around 13.00, the Interior Ministry reported that the building of the regional committee in Vitsebsk had been checked, and no explosive devices had been found.