16 July 2020, Thursday, 19:22
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

There Are Teachers In Our Country

There Are Teachers In Our Country

They teach children how to live according to their conscience.

The real one. The Teacher. With a capital letter. A person who can be trusted, taken example from, and learn. Learning to live a real life, not in a lie or by order.

I thought - that’s it! There are no more teachers left in this country. No, they are. And people have such diplomas, where it is written that they are teachers. But what is written is not always worth believing. Especially when such people participate in election commissions. And there is fraud. Or when they teach as powerful people say, and not according to their conscience. Or they collect money from the parents for various needs.

Or when they vote as they are told, and not as they should, in the “deputies' corps”.

The people see it and draw conclusions. And the further - the less there are real teachers and mentors. We are losing them.

And then I read this. Brest. People go to the square and march through the streets of the city for the second year already. Against the construction of a battery plant. They resist and express their views. They are not afraid. They are fined, intimidated, various provocations are staged against them, they are thrown behind bars on administrative arrests under contrived cases are brought against them. And they come out again and again.

And, like a thunderbolt from a clear sky, here comes a Teacher! The teacher, the mentor. A woman. She is fined for the second time for regular participation in these processions. And she comes out, again and again.

Liudmila Paulauna Karcheuskaya. The only teacher among the hundreds of protesters. She is worried about the future of her children, grandchildren and our generation. And she's tried for it! The last penalty was a fine, 510 rubles for the participation in the procession.

Do you understand? A real teacher stands trial. The authorities are afraid of such people who do not fall under the heel and do not live by orders. The authorities fear such people. For they teach children to live according to their conscience. But this is not appreciated here and is not welcome. They are trying to unroot it.

Liudmila Paulauna, I give a deepest gratitude to you. I do not know you personally. However, you are returning the belief that in our country there are still Teachers and Mentors with a capital letter. Real ones, not only by diploma. So - children somewhere are being raised for real, in good conscience. Thanks to you.

It means, not everything is lost. Our country will survive, since they cannot break a teacher. It means that there is somewhere the same doctor, director, worker, peasant, military man and policeman. Those who understand that it is impossible to live this way.

Viktar Harbachou, Solidarity