16 July 2020, Thursday, 20:49
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Belarusians List Medicines That They Buy Abroad

Belarusians List Medicines That They Buy Abroad

There are several medicines, the prices for which here and abroad remain significantly different.

The Ministry of Health analyzes the prices of medicines, including those purchased abroad. Those who buy drugs in other countries were offered to send a photo of the package or a check for medicines, the price of which is lower than in Belarus, in the comments to the fixed entry on the page of the Ministry of Health on Facebook. There are more than 240 comments to the post.

The journalists of tut.by chose several drugs, the prices of which here and abroad are different.

For example, Facebook users write on the page of the Ministry of Health that they are buying “Nebilet” in Lithuania. In Belarus, on tabletka.by, a pack of 28 “Nebilet Plus” pills is offered for an amount of BYN 12 to 24.56. At the same time, only 12 packages at the price of BYN 12 remained in the pharmacy of the town of Lelchytsy. In Lithuania, a pack of 90 pills costs 12.46 euros (28 rubles 55 kapeykas).

Social network users indicate Swiss pills “Heptral”. In Belarus, a pack of 20 pills costs BYN 63 to 88.28. In Russia - 1,635 Russian rubles, and this is BYN 52,88.

Among the drugs listed, there is also “Osteogenone” by the French manufacturer Pierre Fabre. On the tabletka.by website it is written that the price for a 40 pills pack in pharmacies is over BYN 35. In Russia, according to the online pharmacy piluli.ru, the same pack costs RUR 721, which is just over 23 Belarusian rubles. In Warsaw, the same drug, if you check the portal gdziepolek.pl, will cost from 29.90 to 45 zł. In Belarusian rubles, it will be from 16 rubles 6 kapeykas to 24 rubles 17 kapeykas.

Among the drugs that are cheaper abroad than here, there is also the French “Plavix”. Here, a pack of 14 pills of 75 mg each will cost BYN 19.90 to 32.90. In Russia, a large package of 28 pills is 916 Russian rubles (29 Belarusian rubles 62 kapeykas). In Warsaw, a pack of 28 pills will cost from 20, 50 to 90.99 zł (from 11 to 48.86 rubles). One of the Facebook users writes that in Lithuania a pack of 84 pills costs about BYN 34 in the equivalent.

“Glucophage” is also on the list. A pack of 30 pills of 850 mg costs BYN 6.62 to 9.83 here. In Russia, the same pack will be RUR 132, and this is our 4 rubles 27 kapeykas.

Users write about the Mirena intrauterine therapy system. In Belarus, it costs from a little more than BYN 389 to a little more than BYN 457. In Ukraine, a woman bought one for 2074.4 hryvnias, which is 163.62 Belarusian rubles in the equivalent.

100 pills of 400 mg of “Trental” in Vilnius cost 15.09 euros, which is 34.57 rubles. In Belarus, the pack 20 pills costs BYN 8.50 to 17.34.

Also, one of the commentators indicated the drug “Detralex” (Servier, France). In Belarus, a 60 pills pack costs from 40 rubles 10 kapeykas to 57 rubles, depending on the pharmacy, and in Vilnius 30 pills, which is two times less, is 7.99 euros (BYN 18.31).