13 July 2020, Monday, 1:05
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REP Trade Union Intervened Into Case Of "Parasite", From Whom Prosecutor Demands Over $1,500

REP Trade Union Intervened Into Case Of "Parasite", From Whom Prosecutor Demands Over $1,500

Leanid Sudalenka, a well-known lawyer, is in charge of the case.

The city prosecutor of Homel is trying to collect through the Savetski district court more than three thousand rubles from unemployed Homel resident Kanstantsin Aksionau for his training as a trolleybus driver, Homel Viasna writes.

The REP independent trade union, known in the region for defending hired workers in the courts, intervened in the case.

The might-have-been trolley-bus driver told legal inspector Leanid Sudalenka at the meeting that he had been twice recognized as fit to drive a trolley-bus both in the local polyclinic and in the drivers' specialized city polyclinic No. 7. The young man finished courses by the assignment of the city employment department, and was not allowed to work due to his health condition. Such a verdict was passed in the very same specialized polyclinic No. 7.

"We have already sent objections to the court, where, among other things, we ask to bring as co-defendants the district polyclinic and the specialized one. Kanstantsin Aksionau, who joined our trade union, does not have to pay for the mistakes of doctors, he did not even serve in the army because of existing health problems", - the trade union lawyer shared his vision of the case.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 8.