20 January 2021, Wednesday, 13:57
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Blogger NEXTA: Belarusian Military Men ‘Upgraded’ Projectiles For Salute In Minsk

Blogger NEXTA: Belarusian Military Men ‘Upgraded’ Projectiles For Salute In Minsk

The blogger refers to the source in the investigation team.

In his telegram channel, famous Belarusian blogger NEXTA, who first reported on the July 3 tragedy in Minsk, reports:

- We got the latest news about the investigation of the “bloody salute” on July 3 in Minsk at the so-called “Independence Day”. The “day” seems really bad, and the “independence” appears to be from common sense, laws, instructions and elementary safety rules. In short, even the investigators themselves are shocked by such carelessness of the military.

It has already been established that the arrival of the Russian specialists in Minsk was not documented in any way, said a source in the investigative-operative group engaged in the work on the criminal case of the “bloody salute”. “They didn't even have basic travel certificates.” When they started charging the launchers, it turned out that the projectiles of the 195 mm caliber simply ... do not fit into the mortars! The officers of the Minsk military commandant's office contacted Russian suppliers and asked for help. Piro-Ross OJSC sent its two specialists to Minsk and a car with new projectiles. Moreover, these new projectiles were not documented. Not at all!

During the charging, the arrived Russian experts decided ... to simply cut off the coating from the projectiles themselves and push them into the mortars like this! - continues the source. - Now the investigation establishes who exactly did it. There are already indications that these “works” were carried out by Belarusian military specialists, on the advice and under the guidance of the Russians.

Also, the KGB officers of Belarus have big questions about how the Russians in general got into the territory of the military commander's office, the source says. - To enter the territory of a military unit in accordance with the instructions on the secrecy regime (in the military, it is called IRS-2002), it is necessary to issue a whole package of documents. All of them should be agreed in writing with the KGB. Our military simply disregarded this requirement.

The investigation also had a big question, what kind of relationship is there between the military commander of the Minsk military commander's office and his immediate superior at the Belarusian Defense Ministry, who turned a blind eye to the mayhem that was happening, although he was well aware of it, the source in the investigatory Committee continues. - On the other hand, there is a question what kind of financial affairs they all have with a Russian private company, which “just like that” and “out of pure kindness” sent new projectiles (which, by the way, cost money) and their specialists. Of course, an instruction has already been given to thoroughly check all documents relating to the purchase of the fireworks. Even a brief look at this scheme arises serious suspicions about the corruption component.

By the way, the initial information of the Ministry of Defense that the loading process was filmed with a camera for objective monitoring turned out to be only partly true, the source says. - Everything was really filmed, but the statements of the military that no violations were revealed during this were a complete lie. It was for this videotape that the KGB and the IC found that the firing projectiles were cut before being installed in the mortars. Most likely, it was this artisanal refinement in an attempt to “stick in something that cannot be stuck in” that led to the tragedy, but only an examination can precisely prove it. It has already been appointed.

Well, it is already clear that a systemic mess prevails in the Belarusian army, and the order to perform tasks at any cost, along with disregard of instructions, laws and regulations led to the tragedy. Who will personally answer for it, we must find out in the near future. But any reasonable person understands: it's not idiots who are to blame. It’s the one who appointed them.