8 July 2020, Wednesday, 11:27
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Mikalai Kazlou: Lukashenka 'Reaps Rewards' of His System

Mikalai Kazlou: Lukashenka 'Reaps Rewards' of His System
Mikalai Kazlou

Is it based on criminal calculation or personal interest?

Lukashenka will hold a large-scale meeting with the "law enforcement agencies". The reason for it is that the chief engineer of Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant was held in an investigative isolator for 4 years during the investigation. As a result, the case was closed and he got off the trial, Radio Racyja reports.

According to the Acting Chairman of the United Civil Party, former police officer Mikalai Kazlou, Lukashenka has created such a system: "Lukashenka has been creating not law enforcement but a punitive system for two and a half decades. And now this is bearing fruits. We remember the criminal cases that were opened against politicians, and then they were released. We remember the crimes committed by "law enforcement officers". Again in 2010, when Uladzimir Niaklyaeu was attacked. None of the perpetrators was brought to justice. I mean Karpenkou, the head of Almaz riot police unit.

And this eventually leads to the fact that the entire law enforcement system thinks it is above the law.

"And it usees its own discretion - whether it's "revolutionary expediency," or criminal calculation, or personal interest," Mikalai Kazlou says.