6 July 2020, Monday, 20:05
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We Need To Become Smarter So That Forces Of Darkness Would Never Even Score

We Need To Become Smarter So That Forces Of Darkness Would Never Even Score

The enemy is watching whether we are ready to defend, fight, resist.

And it did happen: the light, though for a while, scattered the darkness. Citizens rebelled against the junta of the Emergency Committee. It would seem so simple not to go anywhere and do nothing. To convince yourself that you cannot chop wood with a penknife, and stay at home. Moreover, looking at the thick-headed guy on TV, no one then doubted for a second in August 1991: these would give any order, writes Maksim Viniarski, the coordinator of the civil campaign European Belarus, for the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

The stakes were also completely different. If the junta won, the losers would not get administrative arrests or fines. In the best case, they would be sent to Kolyma, in the worst case, they would be smashed by the tank tracks right there, at the Moscow White House.

They failed then. The people defended their right to life and freedom. Vladimir Usov, Dmitry Komar and Ilya Krichevsky died for good reason. The satanic forces were thrown back, driven into the darkness where they belong.

A couple of years have passed. People relaxed, being happy that the evil had been defeated. They forgave everyone, decided to start from scratch. No lustration, no trials. Even the putschists were freed quite quickly. The evil raised its head again and went into battle. At first they ate their democrats, then strangled the peoples who wanted to break free from the arms of the empire. Destroyed their own independent media. They attacked Moldova. They attacked Georgia. They attacked Ukraine. Got an answer. Then they decided to revenge on their own people. “Beat the dog before the lion.”

The main weapon of demons from the past is fear. Not only for their own people, but also for export. Nuclear ashes and cartoons about missiles. Threats, blackmail, rattling weapons.

Their dreams of a great empire are the main danger not only for our region, but also for the entire civilized world. Then, in August 1991, they were stopped. Today they have become smarter and more careful, they have something to lose. They watch how we respond to their threats. Whether we are ready to defend, fight, resist. We also need to become smarter. Do not forgive and do not forget. Learn history lessons. So that the forces of darkness could never even the score again.

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